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Això és un Wiki's master application list pels Openmoko smartphones.


Com registrar noves aplicacions ?

Aquesta llista no pot ser molt exhaustiva, as new things are showing up every week. This page is here to help spreading awareness about applications. Here are instructions on how to add a specific application to this list. There are many ways to go

Mètode 1 (recomanat):

  • Registra la teva aplicació a
  • Notify the community mailing list.
  • Torna aquí, clica a "editar" a la secció apropiada, desprès afegeix una línia com:
* {{|33|Nom de l'aplicació}} Breu descripció

Mètode 2: Vincula on l'aplicació està allotjada.

  • Clica a "editar" a la secció apropiada i afegeix una línia com:
* [ Nom de l'aplicació] Breu descripció

Mètode 3: Crea una nova pàgina al Wiki.

  • Clica a "editar" a la secció apropiada i afegeix una línia com:
* [[Nom de l'aplicació]] Breu descripció
  • L'aplicació apareixerà en vermell, clica en ella i edita la nova pàgina.


  • Bright Player - Fast, lightweight and easy random music player.
  • boxar - Touchscreen as a finger friendly piano -- User:RzR
  • Dictator - Record mic, incoming GSM-sound, or a whole Phonecall
  • ePiano - epiano is going to be a virtual piano
  • Fingertier - minimal and finger friendly music player
  • Fourier- Realtime frequency analysis of sound data.
  • Guitartune - Tune musical Instruments.
  • GTick - GTick is a metronome application written for GNU/Linux
  • Intone - Elementary based mplayer frontend (for audio files).
  • JaMoko Jamoko is a Jamendo player for OpenMoko.
  • Mokoko- Play music.
  • MokoPod - Retrieve and listen to podcasts
  • PodPooch - Retrieve and listen to podcasts - fork of MokoPod
  • Neoqplayer - Renamed as GorshPlayer: a multimedia player written in Qt4: play and retreive podcasts feeds, more reactive interface, now able to play videos ( in svn ).
  • omShuffle - Inspired by Bright Player with volume control. Needs mplayer to work.
  • Openmoko-mediaplayer2 - Play music and video (mp3...)
  • Openmokast - Play audio stream and slideshow stream
  • Podboy - A Podcast player (Python/Elementary/Gstreamer/SQLite)
  • PyRadio TUI program in python for receiver stream of internet radio.
  • Pythm - Audio player GUI using mplayer and mpd as backend.
  • PyRok - Audio player which uses Gstreamer for playback and Pygame for GUI.
  • Satan - Create your own music!
  • Streamtuner - Listen to Internet Radio Stations
  • Streamripper - Record from Internet Radio Stations
  • quickplay A light weight mp3 player/frontend for Ampache
  • Voicenote - Voicenote is a script which allows to record any sound from the microphone into a wav file. It can play the created files too. It is intended to be an easy and quick way to do so.


  • Coypu - Envia arxius via BlueTooth.
  • Emtooth - Controlador Bluetooth.


  • Acceleroids Shoot-the-asteroids game
  • Black Sheep Fight insomnia!
  • CellHunter - A game you earn points by collecting cells (in english now).
  • DOOM- Classic FPS. Freerunner/1973
  • Duke Nukem 3D - Legendary First Person Shooter.
  • Freerunner LightSaber-Application as iphone LightSaber.
  • Games/Om 2007.2 - Many small games on Om 2007.2
  • Gnuboy - An emulator for the handheld gaming all-time bestseller.
  • I'm Rich I'm Rich application
  • Kobodeluxe - A top-view space shooter, available from 2008.8 repositories.
  • Liquid War-Liquid War is a truly original multiplayer wargame.
  • MBAC- MBAC is "Moko Bulls and Cows", a classic game for openmoko written in pygtk similar to mastermind.
  • Moko-sudoku - Another sudoku puzzle game.
  • Neomis - A computer version of the well-known electronic game named Simon.
  • NumberX - A mathematical puzzle game that will challenge your mental math abilities!
  • oFart - purile amusement
  • Mokomaze Ball-in-the-labyrinth game
  • Numptyphysics - A drawing puzzle game.
  • Om 2008.8 Sudoku - Number placement based puzzle game
  • OpenMiaoCat OpenMiaoCat, like OpenMooCow, makes your phone became a cat!
  • openmokontrol Program to control a TCP/IP connected X11 server with the accelerometers, especially games.
  • OpenMooCow - OpenMooCow reads information out of your accelerometers. Now, if you turn the phone upside down and back again, it "moos" like one of the little toys.
  • OpenTTD - OpenTransportTycoonDeluxe, ported to openmoko, using only GPLed datafiles.
  • OpenVibe - The first opensource vibrator.
  • Pingus - Pingus is a lemmings clone with penguins.
  • Pong progresses- This is a little pong game for the openmoko freerunner. The screen is devided in halves, so you can touch the right half to move the paddle right and the left half to move it left.
  • ScummVM (Wiki) Virtual Machine for several classic graphical point-and-click adventure games
  • XBill - Little action game to stop Bill from installing Windows(tm) on computers.
  • Xlogical-A puzzle based game where you turn spinners to move balls around.
  • XSkat - XSkat lets you play the card game Skat defined by the official Skat Order.


  • a-gps GUI - Graphical User Interface for assisted GPS. GSM-network cell locations are provided by Cellhunter and this data can be used to locate you. It uses u-blox a-gps to initialize your GPS chip.
  • Advanced Geocaching Tool for Linux - "Towards paperless geocaching" - User Manual
  • bicirutas - This application looks for mtb routes in (routes in Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany). It gets the current position from the gps system and downloads nearby routes. Then you can follow them with tangogps application.
  • BikeAtor - Like TangoGPS BikeAtor can display OSM Maps. The Speedometer displays the most interesting values of the trip.
  • GPS Sight - Display GPS information, location, tracks, etc, without maps.
  • Gpsdcontrol-A simple python script for start or stop gpsd daemon with a button on the desktop.
  • Gpsdrive - Car (bike, etc) navigation system
  • Gtkaddpoi - Utility for add a POI to TangoGPS using address or coordinates and export to Navit or to .kml file.
  • gvSIG Mobile - This is an unofficial port of gvSIG Mobile ( to the Openmoko platform. Supports: GPS, WMS, ArcIMS, tiles (OSM etc) and Shapefiles, all in a variety of projections. Version 0.1.5 includes a great feature to perform synchronization with a remote PostGIS database. Homepage.
  • Idle Hands - Give a task to you based on your location
  • mumpot - Display map (OSM), routing, OSM editing, a bit of live editing
  • Navit - Car navigation system with routing engine
  • Om 2008.8 Locations - (aka Splinter) - Location sharing based on GPS and SMS
  • omgps - High performance, UBX binary or ogpsd as GPS data provider, layered maps, AGPS online, track replay, scratch on map, ruler and lat/lon grid, basic sounding. etc.
  • OpenBmap-a free and open map of wireless communicating objects (e.g. cellular antenna, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth). It provides tools to mutualize data, create and access this map.
  • openBmap-locator - Estimate your location based on the GSM signals, uses openBmap data for its geolocation
  • Pyroute - Pyroute is a routing program written in Python. It features mobile phone GUI for maps, GPS, and routing.
  • QMapControl - Display maps (OSM..) and add points, lines...
  • QNavitCtl - send coordinates to Navit via dbus (position, destination, map center)
  • Qpegps - Display map with current position
  • Simple Geocaching Tool for Linux - A geocaching application which shows you the direction.
  • sms-sentry - locate a lost or stolen phone
  • TangoGPS - Display map (OSM..), record GPS tracks...
  • Travel Diary - a simple application to save little diary entries to a csv file and send this to a server (that can generate a .kml file or show a map or do whatever...)


  • Gnash- Reprodueix arxius flash al Neo.
  • Gpe-scap - Fes captures de pantalla.
  • Neon - Visualitzador d'imatges.
  • OMView - Visualitzador d'imatges.
  • Orrery - Displays the night sky.
  • PyPenNotes - Escriu notes utilitzant el llapis i la pantalla tàctil.


Navegadors web

  • Dillo - Multiplatform fast and small web browser (.ipk).
  • fennec
  • Midori - Navegador basat en Webkit.
  • Minimo - Navegador basat en Mozilla.
  • netsurf-Nou navegador per Neo FreeRunner.
  • Openmoko-browser2 - Navegador original d'Openmoko.
  • pyqt-browser - modified the sample code from python-pyqt4 and changed it to use webkit for web browsing.
  • woosh
  • Ventura


Clients de missatgeria

Viquipedia offline

Missatgeria instantània

  • CenterIM - Instant messaging client (terminal-based).
  • Pidgin - Instant messaging client (ICQ, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo and more.)



  • dates - a simple calendar
  • e-tasks - An elementary task manager
  • Epdfview - Lector de PDF.
  • Evince - Lector de PDF, PS, DJVU i més.
  • FBReader - E-book reader program (TXT, FB2, HTML and more)
  • GPE contacts
  • Gutenflash - Fast text reader by scrolling text
  • OMoney - A bookkeeping application
  • Pisi - PIM synchronization
  • rtmom - Remember the Milk for Openmoko


  • KnjMokoOPKG - A graphical frontend to OPKG.
  • KnjMokoWifi - Wifi setup tool
  • Lint-wifi - Wifi setup tool
  • Mofi - Wifi setup tool
  • Mokonnect - Connection manager
  • momtools - an application to control Wifi, gprs and some other stuff
  • Om 2008.8 Installer - Graphical software installer
  • Opkg - Command line software installer
  • - Command line software installer for packages
  • Sephora - Settings manager
  • SettingsGUI - Edit various settings
  • tzdata- Customise your time zone setting.
  • Wicd - Wifi setup tool
  • Wlan - Wlan is an application to manage wireless connection on the Freerunner
  • ZOMG! - A graphical package manager (opkg frontend -> should work on any distro)


  • Aphasia - A system built on Erlang and a vertical application for people with apahasia.
  • AUIMD - AUIMD is a PyQt graphical user interface for mobile devices.
  • Auxlaunch - Finger-friendly app launcher and window switcher
  • Display Locker - Screen lock
  • fso-control - Popup Power menu to shutdown/suspend/reboot.
  • Gwaterpas - levelling tool using accelerometer
  • Gestures - Detect movement and display information, rotate screen
  • Keychain - SSH keys
  • libaxel - Library for easy use accelerometer.
  • MokoFEM - Monitors GSM information
  • Mokostat - Monitors battery
  • omkeys_functions - Remap AUX key bindings
  • ReMoko - Control stuff via BlueTooth
  • Pexpect-a pure Python module for spawning child applications; controlling them; and responding to expected patterns in their output.
  • Rotate - Rotate screen when phone is rotated
  • Siglaunchd - A daemon that listens to dbus signals and launches appliactions upon arrival.
  • Ts calibrate - Calibrates touchscreen
  • Vala-terminal - Command prompt with tabs
  • Web-Manager - Control your phone by a web interface from your PC
  • xminimokostatus Battery- / GSM-Status Display on Root Window (Part of Minimoko)
  • Zedlock - Screen locker


  • Dialer/2007.2 - The dialer application in Om 2007.2
  • Launcher
  • Litephone Easy to use, single window phone application written in Qt.
  • Openmoko SMS Middleware- SMS middleware is a Openmoko middleware software for additional features related to SMS. Plugin architecture and Python based code gives this project lots of flexibility and enchancebility.
  • Paroli -Paroli is an integrated phone application based on Tichy (and so also written in python).


  • Chroneo - Stopwatch and Timer
  • CoovaChilli - It turns your phone's WiFi network into an Ad-Hoc Hotspot!
  • DWDWetter Fetches weather information from dwd (First Register at dwd!)
  • Enotes - Enotes is the implementation of a TODOlist manager written with elementary to appear better with distribution that use illume, like SHR.
  • Enscribi-a handwriting recognition input method for Linux. It's mainly developed for the Openmoko Freerunner smartphone.
  • FFAlarm is a program to set multiple alarms a day using a finger friendly user interface
  • fido - fido is a todo list\note manager written with elementary
  • GridPad-GridPad is an alternative input method for entering text with your finger, a Simple Character Recognizer Software.
  • HP48 Series RPN Calculator - Calculator with many functions
  • LED clock - When an Openmoko is sitting unused at night, turn it into an alarm clock with large 7-segment digits on a black background in landscape mode.
  • The Lightsaber. Pre-alpha starwaresque orphanware.
  • Literki - alternative keyboard
  • MokoGeocaching - Utility for add a POI to TangoGPS using
  • Mokometeo is a widget which fetches the weather forecast from yahoo, for a list of cities
  • NeoCon - neocon is a handy serial console utility (not only) for u-boot. The main feature of neocon is actually that you can give it a list of devices and it will pick one that works.
  • NeoLight - NeoLight turns your phone into a flashlight.
  • NeoTool NeoTool is a bash script for your desktop system to provide a friendly GUI frontend to some common management tasks.
  • OpenWrt-basic support for the Openmoko "Freerunner"! Kernel (2.6.28) is building and booting.
  • OTP4Neo One time password generator
  • Pimlico-Pimlico is a suite of lightweight Personal Information Management (PIM) applications designed primarily for handheld and mobile devices
  • QSuunto-Lite display dive log information from Suunto Dive computers (that work with divetools-ab)
  • qwo- An alternative input method.
  • ShortOm - Graphical launcher for shell or application, with editable config file, and log result page.
  • spoje Program for searching a transport link.(mainly is used for Czech transport)
  • sortdesk sort your om-desktop in categories
  • Unison - Unison is a file-synchronization tool for Unix and Windows. It determines all differences between two directory trees and lets the user decide, how to proceed with every differing file.
  • usbmode-a quick pygtk program.
  • Wrench - Modual used utility enlightenment_remote.
  • Yaouh! - Yet Another OSM Updater H.
  • Auto Home - Home automation using the Free runner (Openmoko)
  • Babiloo - Dictionary utility with voice capability
  • Fltk World Clock - Displays the time in different timezones (needs fltk)
  • Fltk Hacker's Diet - Helps you maintain, decrease or increase your weight (needs fltk)
  • Fltk Cocktail Bar - a Cocktail Bar application
  • Fltk WW Point Cal - Calculate the Weight Watches Points of a given food

Setting Application

  • GTA02 sysfs- sysfs is a filesystem that is mounted on /sys which contains various fake "files" that are actually filled by a variety of drivers and other kernel subsystems. You can use it to change settings and behaviours of the kernel and drivers dynamically.
  • Wmiconfig- wmiconfig is a tool written by Atheros Communications Inc to configure the Ar6k WIFI chip used in the Neo Freerunner. This is a standalone C executable, released under GPL v2.



  • Lscd - LSC library/daemon on Linux System.
  • PyPhonelog - daemon uses the framework to track and log all the calls made to and from the moko.

An automatic list of application-related wiki pages

The pages linked above are all maintained manually. We also maintain an automatic categorization system by tagging wiki pages. Here is the list of application-related pages in this wiki. Normally, every page listed below should be also listed above in the same category. The converse is false: there are applications without a wiki page.

Aplicacions en aquest Wiki:

On puc trobar més aplicacions?

A !

Not all Openmoko apps are listed on this wiki - there are much more projects at the Openmoko GForge than the wiki can list, not to mention self-hosted applications on their own websites. Actually the phones can run most Linux based Free Software, using for example the Debian distribution. The mobile phones section of Freshmeat may be a interesting place to look.

Note also that there are many packages in the repository that are not installed by default. If what you want is a classic, chances are that it is already packaged. Suppose you want to install Perl:

opkg list|grep perl
opkg install perl

More application download related pages:


On puc trobar distribucions completes ?

  • Download: for complete system downloads


  • Some of these software are developed by Openmoko Inc. and some are contributed by the community. Any problems with community contributed software should be reported to the individual software developer rather than the Openmoko core team.
  • Most programs listed here are not mature/stable, but only useable/beta.
  • Many programs listed here are not yet packaged for your distribution and integrated in its repositories. Whichever it is.
  • Installing experimental software from the internet is certain to break things. Running it as root is a very insecure thing to do. Kown that you will be burned, have backups, and be ready to apologize to everybody in your phone contact list in case they receive strange SMSs...

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