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Qsuunto-lite.png QSuunto-Lite

display dive log information from Suunto Dive computers

Homepage: http://git.senfdax.de/?p=qsuunto-lite;a=summary
Package: qsuunto-lite
Tested on: SHR-unstable


What you need

To display the log just upload them to your Freerunner and open them through the file open dialog. To generate the files use divetools-ab http://www.acs.uni-duesseldorf.de/~becka/download/dive/ or the the package from my repo. If you want to download directly to your Freerunner you need some cable stuff as seen here:

Ingredients.jpg Usbplug.jpg

To download them on your Freerunner you need an adaptor to attach your USB cable (or your USB/serial adaptor) to the Freerunner, change the USB to host mode. If you need to change config settings for vyperlink, you can do so in /etc/divetools/vyperlnkrc.

The divetools-ab-samples package contains some dive samples you can view in QSuunto-Lite.

What works

  • download profiles (with divetools-ab installed or some tool that produces comparable output)
  • display basic profile data and time/depth graph
  • save settings

What is planned

  • Support newer Suuntos (D6,D9, etc.) - if someone can help me to make a binary to read out the logs on the base of divetools-ab's vyperlink. I do not own one of the newer Suunto's but if you do and would like to help please contact me on the Community mailing list or on this page. I have a litte C program that should also work for D6/D9, etc. If you want to test it with your DC contact me on SHR (devel or user) or OM Community mailing list.
  • basic UDCF export

Sources, Packages and Screenshots


Future plans

This application will be "finished" when above targets are achieved. Then I want to create a real dive logging app, that supports many DC, manually editing of logs, GPS integration (dive sites), and export functions (udcf, uddf), ... Everyone interested in contributing please contact me. In my eyes Openmoko phones are perfect device for divelogging as they offer USB, bluetooth and GPS which makes it really handy for many DCs.


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