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When an Openmoko is sitting unused at night, turn it into an alarm clock with large 7-segment digits on a black background in landscape mode.

This differs from the regular clock in that it's intended to be readable from a distance or with unfocused eyes, similar to commercial LED alarm clocks.

Since it's not limited to a single-colour display, it can do a few neat things like changing colour to signify the hour before an alarm, or hue changing through night, or gradually brightening the whole display to simulate a dawn and provide gradual wake-up.

This provides an alternative to having the OM sitting in normal desktop mode while in a bedroom at night (which is too much unwanted illumination for no purpose), and an alternative to putting it into sleep mode (make it do something useful, make it easier to find).



opkg file is now available at http://projects.openmoko.org/projects/ledclock/.

python file can now be found in svn

Build an opkg file out of the latest source

If you want to build the opkg yourself see "doc/notes" in svn.


Touch the right side of the screen to scroll through the 'menu' pages. It will automatically return to normal clock mode if you don't press anything for 5 seconds.

Page Actions Notes
Main page Touch anywhere to get to the menus Can someone tell me how to turn off the screensaver while this is running?
Alarm Non-functional this isn't an alarm clock (yet)
Colour Touch the screen to select a colour for the display List of colours is defined in an array "self.colours"
Brightness Touch top of screen to increase brightness, bottom of screen to decrease
Options Touch any option to toggle it Use 'rotate' option to go into landscape/portrait mode (this is done internally, not using the window manager).
Quit page Touch this page to exit the program Just calls sys.exit at the moment, can someone get it to close the window nicely?

To turn-off Openmoko's display blanking, add disable=1 to the [odeviced.idlenotifier] section of /etc/frameworkd.conf (in SHR). The device will need to be attached to a charger while acting as a clock, because it keeps the screen powered.

You may need to set screen brightness to minimum in Openmoko's settings, to prevent the 'black' regions of screen from being too bright.


Hack away on whatever you want; let Ojw know if you need permissions to release files.

Due to some Subversion problems, I'm currently uploading each version of the source-code as a 'release' rather than using version-control.

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