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Minimo is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. For a list of all applications, visit Applications

minimo in QEMU displaying
minimo on GTA01 displaying


Installing Minimo web browser

Minimo is a Mozilla based web browser. It features full AJAX support and other goodies. Currently stock Openmoko build doesn't include Minimo.

Running on Om2009-beta

Follow the 2008 instructions, with two exceptions:

  1. you may not be able to unpack a .bz2 archive on the Freerunner, in which case download and unpack on your computer, and then ssh the files over to the Freerunner
  2. If you get a gtk+-fastscaling dependency error, run the following command for installation instead:
opkg install minimo_0.02\+cvs20070626-r0_armv4t.ipk -force-depends

"gtk+-fastscaling is just gtk+ these days, and you should be able to override it with -force-depends or something like this" [1]

Running on Om2008.8

From the Neo, download the minimo package:


Unpack it:

tar -xjf minimo.tar.bz2

Then install it:

opkg install minimo_0.02\+cvs20070626-r0_armv4t.ipk

If you get the following error:

  • ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for minimo:
  • libfreetype6 (>= 2.3.6) *

First try:

opkg install libfreetype6

If this does not install a libfreetype6 version > 2.3.6, you can download a newer libfreetype6 from the Angstrom repository at this location:


opkg install libfreetype6_2.3.6-r0.1_armv4t.ipk
opkg install minimo_0.02\+cvs20070626-r0_armv4t.ipk

Using Minimo with the stock Om2008.8 gets annoying because the keyboard always takes up half the screen. I recommend reactivating the Keyboard Toggle so that you can hide the keyboard while browsing.

I also highly recommend getting GPRS going so that you can browse on the go!

Running on Om2008.4

Download the minimo package:


Unpack it:

tar -xjf minimo.tar.bz2

and install:

opkg install minimo_*

If any packages are missing, just install it from repository.

Running in Xephyr PC environment

Here are instructions on how to run minimo in Xephyr PC environment and how to use other third party packages too.

These instructions should be updated to use a custom image rather than DISTRO_EXTRA_RDEPENDS -- see link above.

Alternatively, a binary ipkg was posted here[[2]]

Setup build environment

If you have built your Openmoko using MokoMakefile some of these steps might not be familiar to you.

Assume your Openmoko root is at ~/workspace/moko

First setup build environment variables:

moo@hacker:~/workspace/moko/build$ . ../setup-env

Then checkout minimo from OpenEmbedded repository:

moo@hacker:~/workspace/moko/build$ bitbake minimo

Edit local.conf and add minimo to build dependencies list.

MACHINE = "qemux86"
DISTRO = "openmoko"
BUILD_ARCH = "i686"
INHERIT += " devshell"
SRCDATE_eds-dbus = "now"

After local.conf has added new packages, one must refresh bitbake tasks.

bitbake task-base -crebuild

Now, you should be able to rebuild root fs using MokoMakefile.

make openmoko-devel-image


The default Openmoko distribution lacks /etc/resolv.conf file which is used to configure system DNS look-up. Without this file, failing domain name look-up prevents web browsing. The easiest way to fix is to copy the host system resolv.conf to the rootfs.

moo@hacker:~/workspace/moko$ cp /etc/resolv.conf rootfs/etc/resolv.conf

If build fails with

/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible $OMDIR/local/tmp/staging/arm-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/lib/libIDL-2.a when searching for -lIDL-2

(here minimo is installed in a Local Overlay, so your path will perhaps differ) try installing the libidl-dev package on the buildhost:

sudo aptitude install libidl-dev

Currently, nothing shows up in the Homebase page (under FSO, anyway). If anyone knows a solution, please update here. For this reason, there really are no bookmarks to speak of.

In chroot'ed environment

Following instructions in Getting Openmoko working on host with Xephyr to get yourself chroot'ed into Openmoko environment.

Start Xephyr. You don't need to start Openmoko session, minimo can run as is.

/ $ minimo

Browser-minimo.png Minimo

Minimo is a Mozilla based web browser. It features full AJAX support and other goodies. It is listed as an alternative to the standard Webkit based browser.

Package: minimo
Tested on: Om 2008.8

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