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Intone-1.png Intone

Elementary based mplayer frontend (for audio files).

Package: intone_0.51_arm.ipk
Tested on: FSO MS 5.1, SHR-unstable

Intone-2.png Intone-3.png



Intone is an elementary based front end for mplayer written in C.

The recommended way to organise music is to put all the files in a folder (lets say Music), with sub folders named after artists (say Music ->Eagles) and with sub sub folders holding albums (that becomes Music->Eagles->Hell Freezes Over->*.mp3). That way, Intone can correctly organise your music collection. It automatically creates a default playlist containing all songs and individual playlists for each album.


Intone requires and updated version of libelementary0, libsqlite3-0, libvorbis, id3lib and mplayer.

To Install

opkg install mplayer libvorbis libsqlite3-0 libelementary0 id3lib


* based on elementary
* automatic generation of playlists
* remembers last playlist and song played
* remembers position in a song if shut down with a song paused
* accurate seek position
* restore system alsa state on exit and on pause for incoming call
* Settings page to set bass, treble, ui size, playlist looping and random play
* prevent suspend during playing
* pause on incoming call
* pause on outgoing call
* seek-back button now seeks to 0:00 on the first press and on second press plays the last song
* rescans folders on adding a folder again
* streams to bluetooth A2DP headsets (you need to pair the set manually)
* supports play, ff and rew buttons on the bt headset (AVRCP)
* shuffle and loop
* eq for setting bass and treble
* search songs by artists
* lyrics view. eg for brothers_in_arms.mp3 save lyrics file as 'brothers_in_arms.txt' in same directory
* Album art view. Save the album art image as 'cover.jpg' in the same directory.
* Now supports showing song_name.jpg for song_name.mp3. Place file in same directory as song


I have been using this[1] version of mplayer from FSO.

Gen usage details Type CPU Mem| ogg ~53% 3.1%| m4a ~21% 2.7%| mp3 ~8.7% 2.4%|

PaulTT has compiled a version of mplayer with tremor available here[2]. This is better for ogg as below :- Gen usage details Type CPU Mem| ogg ~25.9% 2.7%| m4a ~24.7% 3.1%| mp3 ~7.5% 2.5%|


Of course, Chaitanya Chandel for creating and maintaining this great app! Rasterman for Elementary and for going easy ;-) Treviño for seeking patch, Icon ideas and general e tips. Łukasz Pankowski for the 'remember where paused' feature idea. Yogiz for the loop playlist feature idea. Jérôme Lahalle for the restart after incoming phone call only idea. Laszlo KREKACS for swapping the buttons and seek bar. The Digital Pioneer for the bt support idea. And everybody else who chipped in to tell me what to improve.

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