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Guitartune.png Guitartune

Tune Musical Instruments.

Package: guitartune_0.30_arm.ipk
Tested on: FSO MS 5

Download source:


Guitartune does a Fast Fourier Transform followed by a Harmonic Product Spectrum to calculate the fundamental frequency of sampled audio data.

The sampling and processing is done in a separate thread. The GUI shows the detected note, the required freq, the detected freq, a graphical indication of whether the detected freq is above or below the required one and a Tune Up / Down message.

The program automatically selects the correct state file. It also prevents suspend and screen dimming on FSO / SHR.


Guitartune requires gtk+, libglade and libfftw3 (for transforming time domain data to frequency domain). libfftw3 can be obtained from

To Install

opkg install libglade-2.0 gtk+
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