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Numpty physics.png Numptyphysics

Numpty Physics is a drawing puzzle game.

Package: numptyphysics
Tested on: FDOM


Game with OnScreenKeyboard


Numptyphysics is drawing physics game.

Upstream/official homepage:

Port homepage:



Install with all dependencies:

opkg install libsdl-image-1.2-0 libsdl-1.2-0 libpng3


Look project page how to compile for Freerunner.


Aim of the game is move red (ball) to yellow (star).

Read full manual in official site.


  • stylus draw a new stroke
  • space or enter pause/unpause physics
  • esc undo last stroke
  • q quit
  • r or up reset level to initial state
  • n or right skip to next level
  • p or left go to previous level
  • e edit mode

Or use OnScreenKeyboard: OnScreenKeyboard


Each stroke is like a rigid piece of wire with a mass proportional to its length. A closed stroke is just a wire bent into a shape, it has no substance apart from its perimeter.

The ends of a strokes can (and will) join onto other strokes when drawn near enough to another stroke. These joints are pivots so you can use this to build levers, pendulums and other mechanical wonders.

Jointed strokes don't collide with each other. Join both ends to make a rigid structure

Source Code:

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