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Mokoko is a mediaplayer program develop by OM software engineers. You can download ipk from here

Project's home wiki.

Release information

  • Date: 20081022
  • SVN revision: 119

The release from december the 1st won't install on shr since some dependencies cannot be matched, --- but the files that mokoko needs are core gtk files and clearly there. A

opkg install --force-depends

did therefore install a working version of it.


We used doxygen to generate documentation from source code. You can generate it by yourself. Install doxygen first and use the script we provide.

The script is placed in


Or you can see it online. I put it in Here Download and Install

  • get mokoko opk file and upload it to Neo.(Get it here)
  • opkg install mokoko

the dependency suppose be installed automatically.


We didn't implement Song Select yet. please add .mokoko.conf to your home direcotory.

$cat ~/.mokoko.conf

  1. This file defines the setting of momoko
  2. Features will be stored as string sep is ';'
  3. If there are no such Feature NULL will returns

PATH="/home/foo/mp3;/media/card/mp3" SUPPORT_MIME="mp3;ogg" PAUSE_WHEN_RING_EVENT="true" RESTART_WHEN_CALL_END_EVENT="false

Mokoko.png Mokoko

Mokoko is a media player program, you can use it to play mp3 and ogg files on Neo.

Tested on:

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