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Neomis.png Neomis

A computer version of the well-known electronic game named Simon

Package: neomis
Tested on: SHR



Neomis is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. For a list of all applications, visit Applications


Neomis is a computer version of the well-known electronic game named Simon.

It's a game of memory and concentration.

You must follow the pattern of sounds and lights as long as you can remember!

The game will flash quadrants in turn and expect you to repeat the sequence. If you get the sequence correct, the game will respond with a longer sequence.

It's written in Python / Elementary.

The Project is hosted on Google code.

Download and installation

You can install Neomis directly from Web with opkg. All packages are available here. For example:

opkg install

Neomis is in SHR-unstable feeds already, so to install it, simply type:

opkg install neomis


  • python-audio
  • python-pyalsaaudio
  • python-elementary


Valéry Febvre

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