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Xbill.png XBill

Save your computers from Wingdows(tm).

Homepage: http://www.xbill.org
Package: -
Tested on: Om 2008.8


XBill on Om 2008.8.

XBill is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. For a list of all applications, visit Applications

The classical game, as original author describes: You're a sysadmin, and someone's trying to destroy your computers. The little people running around the screen are trying to infect your computers with Wingdows [TM], a virus cleverly designed to resemble a popular operating system.


Using Toolchain you can compile XBill from the official source code. Make sure you do NOT have a "gtk-config" in your path on your host OS while compiling, otherwise that will add the GTK include paths of your PC and linking will fail.

Get the source:

mypc$ wget http://www.xbill.org/download/xbill-2.1.tar.gz
mypc$ tar -xzvf xbill-2.1.tar.gz

Compile with your Toolchain tools, this will install the required Athena library into your Toolchain setup. (You must do the opkg-target install part as root, unless you changed the owner of /usr/local/openmoko to your own user! These commands are part of the Toolchain.)

mypc$ . /usr/local/openmoko/arm/setup-env
mypc$ opkg-target install libxaw-dev
mypc$ om-conf --enable-athena
mypc$ cd xbill-2.1
mypc$ make

On Openmoko you need Athena again and a directory for XBill pixmaps:

om-gta02$ opkg install libxaw
om-gta02$ mkdir /usr/share/xbill

Copy to your Openmoko:

mypc$ scp xbill root@
mypc$ scp -r pixmaps root@
mypc$ scp -r bitmaps root@

Desktop icon

Here is an example desktop entry. Create a file called "/usr/share/applications/xbill.desktop" with content:

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/xbill --size 470

Further improvements

Building against GTK+ would be cool. You could try om-conf --enable-gtk, but ./configure will either unable to find gtk-config or it will use the host OS gtk-config, so it won't work. Please extend this documentation if you know how to build against GTK+.

Please send comments or questions about this installation guide to User:Kempelen. Please extend this artcile if you think something is missing.


  • Dragged items are not visible (but they work). (For example when you drag the bucket to a sparc.)
  • Windows could fit nicer (hopefully a GTK+ build will fix that).
  • Can't type in player name for high-scores.
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