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Openmoko 2007.2 update

Press and hold power button, choose Screenshot from menu :)

Screen Grab, Screen Snapshot

useful for filing bugs etc:

Note on Screen orientation:

xrandr -o 1 turns screen to landscape mode (xrandr -o 0 to go back to ordinary portrait):

xrandr -o 0 # default 
xrandr -o 1 # landscape - from right side 
xrandr -o 2 # upside down 
xrandr -o 3 # landscape - from left side 

Locally from the device

You can grab screen shots manually by using the following command on your Neo:

# cat /dev/fb0 >myscreenshot_001.raw

You can then convert this on your pc with fb2png by using the following command:

# fb2png myscreenshot_001.raw myscreenshot_001.png 9 480 640 16

You can also push a screen capture back onto the display:

# cat myscreenshot_001.raw >/dev/fb0

If you want to show a sequence of screens in an animation you can use convert. Once you have all your screen shots as .pngs try:

# convert -delay 25 -dispose Background +page myscreenshot_*.png -loop 0 animated_test.gif

The command

# fbgrab filename.png

directly creates a PNG on the Neo.

Note: You can get the fb2png binary from this RPM package. The original website seems to be dead and fb2png is not packaged in debian.

From a Remote Connected Desktop

On the device:
Where is the IP of your desktop.

On the desktop:
xwd -root -display > dump.xwd
Where is the device IP.

The xwd file can be read by the Gimp:

Example Screenshot

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