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ssh-agent permit SSH passwordless login, and works by caching the key(that is encrypted on the filesystem) it's more secure than passwordless ssh key files. ssh-agent can also permit deamons and cron jobs to access the machines...without requiring a password Keychain permit us to use ssh-agent easily...and permit us to access the ssh-agent deamon from any terminal...

you can find documetation on the usage of keychain here


All the commands has to be typed on the openmoko(you can also use ssh) we will download keychain:

cd keychain-2.6.8

as install -m0755 keychain /usr/bin/keychain doesn't work because we don't have the install command we will type:

cp keychain /usr/bin/
chmod 0775 /usr/bin/keychain

Then we will need to activate it:

cd /etc/skel
cp * /home/root/

edit the /home/root/.bashrc file:

opkg update
opkg install nano
nano /home/root/.bashrc

navigate inside the file with the arrows and add this to the end:

eval `/usr/bin/keychain --ignore-missing --eval  ~/.ssh/id_rsa ~/.ssh/id_dsa`

then quit with ctrl+x,press y to save change,and press enter Then we will need vte:

opkg update
opkg install vte


start vte and keychain will appear.


  • It doesn't work with openmoko-terminal2
  • you need to use bash to make it change /bin/sh to /bin/bash in /etc/passwd for the line where there is root written...but that will prevent scp and sftp from working
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