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Shall i introduce myself..?

Ported Applications

Partially means application is compiled, but not yet packaged. If someone shows interest, i'll be able to pack them. 
If you want to get binaries, give me a sign. ;)
PowerTop - compilation would be flawless, except you need to recompile ncurses with --enable-widec flag in order to get libncursesw.a, which is required for powertop. cat'ed from INSTALL:
If you configure using the --enable-widec option, a "w" is appended to the
    library names (e.g., libncursesw.a), and the resulting libraries support
    wide-characters, e.g., via a UTF-8 locale.

Note: I didnt manage to get whole ncurses to recompile, tho reached the step, where required lib is created.

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