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I'm a Belgian student in the city of Ghent, like user:Yorick. I study computer engineering.

pieter dot colpaert [aŧ] gmail dot com


Pieter & Openmoko?

hm. I haven't done very much lately. Been active on irc/ for a while, so you could have heard of me out there.

Youtube player: Oh you were lucky

check out the google code site

Mobile Vikings value checker

A quick python script which needs some dependencies (the easiest way to do this is to copy al url* lib files from your desktop's python dir to your moko's python dir. check this: I did not know python when I started to code and I'm aware this code is very very very messy. I will clean it up sooner or later.

It has a gtk interface. The python script can be ran in 2 ways: with usr/pwd on cmdline:

./mobilevikings user pwd

or without any arguments and then it will wait for you to enter your information in the GTK form


(be sure you have executable rights on the file):

chmod +x

If anyone feels like using it and changing stuff or has a better solution at the moment, I'd be interested, so please contact me. If someone feels like using the script and it does not work or would like a feature and you do not know how to do it, feel free to mail me.

Fosdem 2010

I will be present on Fosdem 2010. Please come too!

my openmoko ideas

Bash - phone

An openmoko distribution which uses FSO. The interface is just a shell with on top of it a transparent keyboard (something like the fatfingershell). You can dail like this:

       pieterc@myphone$ dail +3248...... <RET>

or a contact:

       pieterc@myphone$ dail hom<tab> <RET> # = pieterc phone home

dail should be a python/bash/... script using the FSO api. other easy to use commands I can think of:

  • addcontact contact #number# -group "friends"
  • whereami (returns gsm locations and searches for cityname close to


  • sendtext "come home for dinner" son1 # sends sms to son1 (again with


  • wakemeup 7:30
  • tail /var/mail #to read last text-messages

bash-commands or commands you're used to: ls,cd,grep,awk,tail, ps, date, ...

and some ported apps:

  • nethack (yes, the game)
  • links/lynx,
  • emacs (with erc)
  • fortune (I like fortune a lot.)
  • ...

I think it's extremely easy and fun to develop this idea. It would make a perfect unix-lover-phone. We could hack on gnu bash to accomplish the auto completion for contacts and other stuff.

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