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Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen

Professional embedded developer, previously on M68k based hardware design and custom OS, now primarily i386 and GNU/Linux OS.

I can do both hardware and software (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering). But today implementing mostly software design, but still helpng draw the larger lines of hardware designs.

OpenMoko relevant interests

  • Free Software
  • Text messaging (sms, mms, IM (jabber), email etc.)
  • Geo-stuff (sparked recently by OpenStreetmap, my hometown (most by me ))
  • Home-Automation (KNX as device control standard, open source integration with stuff from from
  • Multimedia stuff (MythTV)
  • Integrating existing stuff in clever ways

OpenMoko/general phone ideas

  • Using vibrator for tactile feedback on touch (different vibration patterns for different scenarios, or making the touch screen useable without looking at it (also enables visually impaired to use the phone). This might require a "tactile api" to make it easy for application developers to set tactile borders of buttons/screen areas. See tactile hw solution from 3M)
  • Integration of different text communications methods (sms/mms/jabber/email) as transparent carriers for "Messages" application

Misc Technical

Mostly for my own reference, here's some stuff that might be useful.


mail me at: junk (swirly thing) mikini (dotty thing) dk

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