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Sharing your internet connection via USB on Mandriva on

I was "unlucky" enough to have my local network on, getting the freerunner to the internet took me a few extra steps.

I'm not too familiar with iptables, so I went to the drakconf GUI, and selected:

  • "Network & Internet"
  • "Share the Internet connection with other local machines"
  • Click "Next"
  • look for "usb0: Linux 2.6.24/s3c2410_udc|RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget", click "Next"
  • Change address to, click "Next"
  • Probably want to unclick "Use this gateway...", and enter the IP of your actual nameserver, click "Next"
  • Uncheck "Use automatic Configuration (DHCP), click "Next"
  • I unchecked "Use this gateway as proxy caching server", click "Next"
  • Set "Broadcast printer information" to No, click "Next"
  • Should "setting up network", network will go down, then back up, then click "Finish"

Then, on the Mandriva host (in console, of course), edit the routing like so:

route add -host dev usb0
route del -net netmask usb0

You may also need to delete a default gateway generated by the drakconf script:

route del default gw usb0

Then you should be able to ssh into the freerunner as shown above, and edit the routing simliarly, and add a nameserver:

route add -host dev usb0
route del -net netmask usb0
echo 'nameserver x.x.x.x' > /etc/resolv.conf # replace "x.x.x.x" with your nameserver IP

This got the freerunner access to the internet through my NATed Mandriva host. Your mileage may vary. Some of these instructions may do nothing at all. Feedback is welcome. If someone knows a little more than this magic-runes summary, please put it in the Sharing your connection section

Adding a clock and keyboard hider to top panel

Add "openmoko-panel-clock,keyboard" after "--end-applets" in /etc/matchbox/session[1]

sed -i 's/--end-applets /--end-applets openmoko-panel-clock,keyboard,/' /etc/matchbox/session
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