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OK .. We can have a page "per user", so I'll try to give here some feedback, and what works what does not, and what tests I did.

I received my FR on July 12 2008, and as of yet did this:




Tried "Mobicarte"

  • OK, able to dial the number to credit the "Mobicarte" online. Very low sound level.
  • Tried a second one, OK. Gave a call but just up to the dialing and "Rings" (people having these cards tend to have very few credit on them.)

Tried another one from Orange (Have to ask my friend what his card was)

  • Network OK, dialing OK, but I did not try to go further (do all people using Orange provider have no credit at all !!!!)
  • This one had a pin code, all right (first time I saw the pin code screen !).


Tried my own SFR card : "Les Illimythics Internet 3G+"

  • Does not ask my PIN code.
  • All other cards I tried were OK, so I know it's not completely broken.
  • I tried a lot of things....
  • I keep having error 10 (SIM not inserted) or 13 (SIM Failure)

Doc - GSM AT Command Set, with Error codes on pages 88 and 89

Tried the SIM card from a friend (SFR, 2 months Old)

  • Asks PIN code, login OK.
  • Tried Call, OK, though low sound level. Saw some threads about this in the community list, I'll check when my own card will be detected.
  • Got access to the contacts from the SIM card.

Went today (2008-07-28) to the SFR shop, they gave me a brand new card :

  • Asks for PIN code, code is OK, but then a few seconds later (30?) it asks for the PIN code once again, and so on...
  • I did not try on my old phone while in the shop, but I should have, for even with it I have this problem, with the message "General: Operation Expired"
  • I'll go back to the shop.

Tests to fix:

  • I'll try newer Images to see if anything happens with my SIM problem.
  • I also read in the community list that some had their card working with qtopia images. I'll try them, and if it works for me, I'll try to figure out the differences.


  • I installed the matchbox keyboard and built a new layout (mostly out of french keyboard, but not so mutch when it comes to non alpha)
  • Here are some screenshots of the layout.
  • Had some difficulties with opkg in the beginning, but it did not last and I'm unable to reproduce.


  • Installed what you'll find there : GPS Tools
  • A friend Tried a lot of times to have a first fix with no success, even crashing the phone (had to remove the Battery) many times while using agpsui, but he must have had a bad feeling whith the phone as I've had a fix in 18s the first time I tried. First Fix
  • Tried this with no SD card in the phone of course. Did not try with an SD Yet.


  • Not started Yet (I just released my project to my customer) (24 July 2008)
  • git's are now imported, I should start soon :)
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