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Because you asked for it. A few information about me:

Hello, my name is Marian Flor. I am fiddling with computers and hardware since the mid-eighties. During my studies I worked with the Ultra-VAX and the sleak pizza boxes from Sun Microsystems. Linux affected me since I first heard from it in 1993. On my first own PC (1996) I ran SuSE. But they had an horrible package management and updating was a nightmare, so I switched to Debian in 1999 and got stuck to it. Nowadays I run Linux (preferrable Debian) on almost every device that I own: A Synology NAS (NSLU2-Linux), a Linksys WiFi-AP (OpenWrt). And of course on my laptop (Debian amd64) and my new and shiny GTA02. :-D

I was born in nothern germany (hence my nick Deichkind) near the danish border. Later on the "trials of life" ;-) led me to switzerland, to be more precise to the marvellous city of Zurich where I now live.

If you want to contact me use: deichkind dot 08 at <NOSPAM>schweiz dot eu

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