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You should find all the information I'm willing to publish at my web page :-)

I had a lot of problems with reliably running gsmd and openmoko-dialer right after startup. Just putting /etc/init.d/gsmd restart into /etc/matchbox/session didn't make it run very well. Dialer normally asked for the pin, but gsmd died just after submitting it.

I eventually ended up with my /etc/matchbox/session reading like

/etc/init.d/gsmd stop
/etc/init.d/gsmd start
echo o | libgsmd-tool -m shell

right before the openmoko-today & (and openmoko-dialer) line. Seems to work well this way.

Media player works after installing gst-plugin-pulse, but in this constellation with mad and pulseaudio is too slow to play most MP3s (and OGGs of course). Madplay works better for the moment :-)

GSMD seems to survive suspend-resume cycles, but the phone does not wake up on incoming calls. At least Today shows a missed call after resuming.

I just ordered some new RAM for some PC I had around which I will then use as my own buildhost and to do some development / bug fixing. seems to be outdated, so ipkg update; ipkg upgrade does not install current software atm. :-(

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