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Main User Categories

  • The Greenhorn
    • This probably the single biggest segment of cellphone users. These people want simple. They want to turn on their phone, dial a number and talk to their intended party. They don't care about anything other than the phone being able to be used as a phone, and possibly contacts.
  • The Casual user
    • This class of phone users takes advantage of a number of the phones features, but not all. They will use the phone to make calls, use the contacts, occasionally send text messages, take pictures, etc.
  • The "Txt'r"
    • In a number of countries, texting has become far more popular than calling. These users will send and receive thousands of text messages per month. Many rarely use their phones for calling. They want a clean texting interface with the fastest possible input.
  • The Business user
    • The business user wants a phone that is simple, but functions as an integrated smart device. They want to be able to read their email and be able to call back the sender with the least amount of effort. "Popular" mail server integration is important, including Blackberry and Exchange.
  • The Power user
    • This user will use most to all of the built-in functionality. They may also choose to extend their phones functionality a small bit with additional software (if available). They will be the ones to flip through ever options menu check and/or changing settings.
  • The Hacker
    • These users tend to care more about customization. They want to be able to make changes to every aspect of the phone.

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