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Main page for localisation is Translation help to improve this page



First of all package creator/maintainer have to create *.pot file with all messages included. Search for this files in source tree and you can edit them.


Rule of thumb: It's better to have some translation than nothing, so feel free to translate.


There are specialised tools for *.pot (*.po) files edition gtranslator, po4a, poedit, pootle, potool ...

Most of text editors will fit also: vim, emacs, ed ...


TODO: descript SVN update after editing (See: To-Do List)


  • Encoding for *.po is UTF-8
  • Most of packages in Openembedded tree allready iternationalised, its worth to review them

Common space for localisation effort

please join the community ml for now. there's also some talking about creating a translators ml here and here: OM-i18n-ml feel free to join both discussions. cga sat apr 28th 20:48:35 CEST 2007)

List of Openmoko related PO's

Most of apps in /home/moko/sources/svn/ and /home/moko/openmoko/trunk/src/target/OM-2007/applications/ don have *.pot files for now, but some of them have *.po files for some of the languages

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