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  • "I just wanted a phone that I could hack on and (as corny as this sounds) to share these hacks with my peers and gain their respect." Gervais Mulongoy

  • "I have a desktop PC, a laptop, two WLAN routers and a handheld (GP2X). Each device runs a variant of the GNU/Linux operating system. The free software on them makes them much more valuable and useful: One of the WLAN routers serves as a node in a public city-wide wireless network providing my internet access as well everyone who uses it as a relay node. Without free software such uses would not be possible. A mobile phone that from the ground up is build with free software is an excellent opportunity to explore new uses and features in this area. Apart from that I expect standard software (dialing etc.) to be of much higher quality and customizability.
  • Finally I appreciate that LaForge (aka Harald Welte) is involved in the project. :-)" Robert Schuster

  • "I want a hackable open source phone. It's Openmoko rather then Neo1973 i want. I want to be able to hack in places I can't now. The project list is already way too big... Some light wight general plug-in system (D-Bus for activation/control and probably a subset of xembed). Your email (or any) viewer should be able to view anything You have a viewer for! Get Linux Vserver going, for lightweight sandboxing and carry dedicated 'machines' (for development, media station etc) in usb memory sticks (The need for self-powered usb sticks that charges when inserted in powered usb slots is huge). Want one yesterday!" Lars Hallberg

  • "This is my way to support the open source community even if i don't need a new device although i own an A780 :-)" Thomas Siegl

  • "As a developer I always thought of implementing programs doing the stuff I need on a mobile. Starting with Symbian on a se910i i was lost. Using java gave a little more freedom but no access to important stuff. The greenphone was the first Linux-driven phone where I could do what I wanted but development was a pain because Trolltech did not release information on a important thinks like certain ioctls of kernel drivers, the build system and so on - in fact the Greenphone is advertising for their Qtopia. Now with the Neo1973 (and I am more interested in the Neo and system-daemons like gsmd than Openmoko-GUI) it is now possible to do exactly what I thought of." M. Dietrich

  • "Back in 2006, I moved from Windows XP onto Ubuntu and never looked back. Since then I've tried more than 15 different distributions and even a few BSDs. I was first turned onto Openmoko after reading an article about it on the Linux Devices website but didn't get to excited about it since would not have what I needed for some time to come. Fast forward a year, and after having already tried to develop Java software for Google's Android on my one year old MacBook in Mac OS X (and failing almost epically), not to mention trying it on my Telus branded HTC Touch Vogue (P3050; I know, I know it's CDMA), I think it's time to see what I can do about getting Openmoko running on current hardware (ARMv4 @ 400MHz, 256MB ROM, 128MB RAM, 2.8" QVGA resistive touchscreen, bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, 2.0MP CMOS camera, and support for up to 32GB microSDHC cards). Can't wait to play around with it on my Mac and my desktop workstation once I get Ubuntu 8.04 on them. Hope my contributions will help speed Openmoko's development since Windows Mobile of any version is really lacking in almost every way right now." Nolan Haynes
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