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what about CSR's Unifi? It is specially made to co-exist with the bluetooth chip you are already using.

As far as I know, one of the best products when it comes to powerconsumption vs. signal strength.

The chipitself is very small with 5.8*6.4*0.8mm and runs at 1.5V.

CSR also has a document describing how to share one SD bus between different cards at

No word at all about drivers though.

And if you have requirements, just say what they are! How many milliamperes standby/inactive/RX/TX is the maximum?

How many square millimeters or whatever shape is the maximum?

"Too Big" and "Too Much" aren't engineering units.

The smallest units I could find were the Symbol LA-5127 which are Compact Flash cards, and the earlier (802.11b only) version was several times better than any other CF WiFi card and it has GPL drivers (with snort extensions). But it still takes 500mA for transmitting, but maybe they can limit the Tx power (100 milliwatts of RF would mean V*mA would be 100 at perfect efficiency).

Are there any closed-source chips that you can use? Socket I think has an SD card format WiFi, but I don't know the power or size for that either.


There is the Philips BGW 21x family is a self contained system in package product:

Philips (NXP) seems to have Linux drivers for these chips.

The entire IEEE 802.11	protocol stack resides within the BGW211 so that it can	
independently listen for and process incoming traffic without host processor	

or the similar ( might be same chip) from connexant CX53121 :

(not sure this is truly similar)

If you are going to list the TI chipset(which most likely will never be supported w/ a GPL driver) might as well list the Broadcom wifi chipset BCM4326 and BCM4328

(lkcl:) acx100.c is a reverse-engineered _working_ GPL driver for the most common TI chipset used in smartphones and PDAs of today. the driver has been available for several years.


Does sombody know if the unofficial Broadcom GPL driver from supports the Broadcom BCM4318E chipset which is especially for phones?

I Dont Know About the BCM4318E chipset but the BCM4326 supports Linux and must meet the project's needs for a Wifi Solution

Also Take a look at Surajram 00:26, 15 March 2007 (CET)

This Broadcom driver( was devoloped by reverse engineering w/ no official help from Broadcom and it also contains proprietary firmware. Sbibayoff

what about this and the Single-Chip Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and FM BCM4325 --Filippo 13:57, 28 March 2007 (CEST)

Removed connectBlue

I removed the ConnectBlue stuff as this is a module which appears to use NXP(Phillips) chipset: --Sbibayoff 23:25, 17 March 2007 (CET)

Yes, but it's a completely self-contained module with an UART like interface so the situation about drivers is different.

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