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About History Mode

Tony guan 01:40, 25 October 2006 (UTC):

It looks weird that the filters and functions button are together. Actually there is no need for the button 8) more items & 11)more items counter. We can put the filters(All Calls, Missed Called, Dialed Calls, Received Calls) to the left top button. And put 'Save' command to the position 8).


I agree. Go ahead and do this now and I'll talk with the designers later today. Thanks!

Tony guan 04:00, 8 October 2006 (UTC):

Q1:There is no way to Dial the selection.


A: Just tap on the history list item. This will return to the dialer with this string autocompleted.

Q2:If we have the 'Finger Navigation', we need not to show the list in the font so big. Is it necessary?


A: The reason the font is big is just so the hit area region is big. The designer might change the appearance, but from the programming standpoint, it will probable be this big.

Q3:Why this 'History' title bar is at bottom?


A: This is just the standard layout for finger applications that we're using. It's the title area.

CM 9:44, 72 February 2007 (UTC):

Q: Is it possible to make the history view the default when making calls? I do at least 90% of all dialing on my k750 by selecting a name from my call history and it's the quickest by far. Another 9% or so is made from the address book. Typing in a number is something I do once or twice per month. It would be great if the history view could be easily controlled with the fingers, just scroll to the right number and press call.

About Dial Mode

--Tony guan 02:51, 8 October 2006 (UTC):

Q1: is 2) necessary?

User:Sean Yes. This will indicate whether or not the string can be autocompleted. If will also show the picture thumbnail of the contact if available.

Q2: 4) 'auto-complete' widget? Can it be functional?

User:Sean Not yet. For now just leave out the autcomplete part.

Q3: 5) I suggest changing to the pairs: "*"-"+", "0"-"p", "#"-"w", this way, button will not have to react according to time delay, it will only care the 'tap-with-hold'

User:Sean Q: This is kind of cool. But I think it's somewhat non-standard. What does the Ming phone do?

User:Tony guan

A:Ming just does the similar way. '*'-'P', '0'-'+', 'w'is inserted from the menu.

Q4: Do we need a confirm button to indicate the acceptance of current 'auto-completion'?

User:Sean My thinking was as followings. When the user taps on the contact the string is automatically completed. When pressing delete (one) the autocompleted tail is removed.

Q5: the 3 contacts displayed on the top, only 3, or it can be browsed via some mechanic?


This should be a list of all available names that match the current dial string.

User:Tony guan But the space is limited, so we need some '<<' or '>>' to indicate that.

Alex 13 September 2006

About the recording function, in WinCE based mobile there are some third-party applications to support this. So is in palm OS based mobile. I have being searching for an open-source one, but haven't got any. Would you please give some suggestion? Thanks.

One listed feature is DTMF support, should this be a hardware feature and given support by hardware or we should implement by software in Dialer?

(Sean Moss-Pultz) A: This is supported by Ti. We just need to impliment the UI. Please read this spec if you want more information. I'm going to write more details for this feature within the next few days.

Tony guan 03:05, 6 September 2006 (UTC): Q1: I think this design should be closely combined with the hardware button design. Some feature can be called or completed by directly press the hardware buttons. For example, call the history, or call directly from the current input by pressing the green call button. such as the nokia cell phones.

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer: We don't have any hardware buttons except a power button and a "phone" button. As mentioned in Look & Feel (deleted article), the "phone" button calls the dialer on 'tap'.

Alex Q: In old specification (Call Handler Application Specification v0.2), there is another mode called "In Call", both of the Incoming and Outgoing mode will switch to "In Call Mode" after taken some action. However, call handler application is not listed in the Application Page now. Does this mode won't need any more or there will be other countermeasures? Thanks.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) A: Check out In Call Mode. All of features from the Call Handler have been integrated into the Dialer.'

Tony guan 08:45, 8 September 2006 (UTC):

Q1:Talking about the phone application stay on backgroud, should we consider the offline mode now? or other profile settings. It will determine the status of the underlayer libgsmd.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) Q: Do you mean where the RF is shutdown? Or when their is no GSM signal? We currently support a mode called Flight Mode, where all RF will be shutdown.

Tony guan 01:14, 14 September 2006 (UTC):

Yes, RF will be shutdown, and so as the dialer will not function or part of it will not function. It's a point for system design.

(Sean Moss-Pultz)

I'm planning on designing the Panel Applications to reflect their status. For example, if the GPS connection is off, the GPS Connection Status will show a red X (or something like this) through it.

Q2:So 'Profile Setting' should be an application. It will allow user to select the ring volume or vibrate or not.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) Profiles are a huge part of this phone. We've started to define this part but it's not complete yet. Please see Profiles.

Tony guan 01:14, 14 September 2006 (UTC): A: From the view of a developer, I care more about the effects of the current profile on the applications. That is, we have to make clear which one or which part of one will be affected by the current profile settings.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) Agreed. We will provide a common interface for all applications to know the state of the current profile.,

Tony guan 06:03, 11 September 2006 (UTC):

Q:Dear Sean, could we first make clear what the phone application should be like? Let's focus on the basic function first.

( Sean Moss-Pultz) A: Do you mean from a "look and feel" standpoint? Or from a feature set?

Tony guan 01:14, 14 September 2006 (UTC):

A: I mean both. Maybe we have to narrow our view to some extent to facilitate our project progress. The great ideas will also shine, but they will not take too much effort.

( Sean Moss-Pultz)

Agreed. But please give me some time to work with my graphics designers to stabilize the "look & feel". They are working on this now. Before the end of this month (Sept), all of this should be ready.

(Sean Moss-Pultz)

Q: Since the last number entered is stored in the dialer session, does it make sense to still prompt for saving to the phonebook?


A: It does make sense. One reason is the dialer session can only maintain a certain number of history records (i.e normally 10~20). New number will update the dialer session and the older ones will get lost. Another reason, i think, next time you redial this number, you would possibly forget what number is for whom, so saving into the phonebook will relate the number with a name, you can redial it from the contact.

What do you think?

(Sean Moss-Pultz)

A: I agree.

(If I may be allowed to add my $0.02, I think that being prompted by a dialog after every call will get quite annoying. I'd prefer it be accessible under a menu or a button in the Dialer app. --AdamBliss 23:11, 28 September 2006 (UTC))

Sean Moss-Pultz

I've put this feature into the history mode. I think this should solve both problems at once.


Q: What do you mean by "Speaker" in the Dialer#Outgoing_Call_Mode section?


A: Current phones do not support 'speaker' before connection established. I wish my mobile has such feature to allow me hear the event of connection establishment. A wish only, we can talk about it later.


Good point. I will fix the spec.

Tony guan 08:40, 25 September 2006 (UTC):

Q: Please explain the path: Dialer-(3 secs timeout)-in call mode.


A: Have a look at Dialer#Connection_Error_Mode. This is just an Information Dialog widget that displays an error message and then returns to the Dialer application.

Tony guan 06:39, 28 September 2006 (UTC), With responses from User:Mickey

>1. is the auto-complete feature based on 'history' or 'contacts'?

In the dialer, auto-complete should be based on matching phone number prefixes in contacts.

>2. Worrying about the availability of target board, libgsmd on time.(for the 11.7 demo)

Me too :/ Harald, _please_ give us a sign of life.

>3. D-bus environment, who can help me?

See the openmoko-taskmanager for a quick'n'dirty way to listen for d-bus messages. D-bus integration should be done in the framework as it's essential for every application, so don't worry about that now. It would be very helpful though, if you would develop the Dialer as a gobject-derived class from the start, this will make d-bus integration more straightforward. Eventually, all applications providing a dbus interface will need to be derived from gobject.

>4. How to generate and use the event “tap with hold”?

The standard procedure is to make tap-with-hold a right mouse button click. So all you need to do is to deal with right mouse button events. We will do the general mapping from tap-with-hold to right mouse button for the target device later on.

(Abraxa) Q: I think it would be nice to be able to have the call history also show how long ago the calls have been placed/received. Listing date/time would be inconvenient however - I think a XX days/XX hours ago approach would be more useful and even fit into each entry line. Do you think this is feasible?

Buttons in incoming/outgoing call mode are very small. Is it intentional or just nobody thought about it? --MikhailGusarov 06:46, 20 February 2007 (CET)

DTMF in dialer

  • At what phase DTMF will be included in the dialer?

About In Call Mode

Q1: can the Hang-up button be somewhere else other than (8), I think its a bit small for a hang-up function
Q2: Is there a way to initiate 3-way calling? i.e. suspend current call, bring back the dialer and give prompt for conferencing the two.
Q3: how about call-waiting feature? how would it present?

Feature Idea: Could the display backlight dim down to the lowest level after 1 min into the call with no touch interaction - to save battery life?

Ignore function on incoming call

I guess this is a feature request. I think there should be a third option on incoming calls; ignore. Sometimes you are somewhere that you don't want to take a call, but you also don't want to hang up on the person trying to call you. An ignore button could simply make the call screen (and the ringtone) go away, letting the voicemail pick it up. --Mateo 17:20, 12 August 2007 (CEST)


Can I call a SIP adress with the Dialer? Which other protocols does the Dialer support? --LzwOLz1t 17:50, 22 March 2008 (CET)

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