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sorry, complete nonsense. The pinout for nokia in first half of this article is exactly compatible to GTA01/2.

common counting is from top to base
sometimes reverse, from base to top

Though Nokia is known to use the Nokia-wired-connectivity standard usually, wich is
tip/1: left
2: right
3: mic
base/4: GND
which is obviously *not* compatible to Neo (see schematics!)

button is shorting mic to gnd, so whenever mic is working, button should too.

There are no high voltages (except the known DL_GSM bug of Neo), so I don't understand this warning.

The difference between 32 and 40 Ohms is negligable, for sure it's "safe". Varying loudness probably due to different sensitividy (dBm/mW) of the headphone-speakers.

I'd like to simply delete the whole article, if it wasn't for the rework instruction which I can't check right now.

anyway, it's obvious:
nokia -----> Neo
base --GND-> base
3 -- mic --> 1/tip
2 -- right-> 2
1/tip -left> 3

so swapping 1 and 3 should fix nokia hs for neo

/joerg 2008-09-07 05:59:10

I don't see why the first half of the article is wrong. If you have to swap pins 1 and 3, it's incompatible. Maybe i explained it too difficult. I've simplified it.

With high voltage i mean the ~Vcc that is applied to electret. 3VDC applied to a speaker of 32R results 250mW. I wasn't sure that this doesn't harm the Neo. Im removing the warning.

About button shorting mic to gnd, i thought the same, but this headset shorts with a 48R resistor. I dont know if it matters. I haven't tested yet because i dont have any application for testing. I'm waiting for help in community mailing list.

I think rework instructions for each model are important, because you can easily break the case if you don't know how to disassemble. If you want a smaller article, i can make images smaller and put them horizontally, and put all the text in only one paragraph.

/amd77 2008-09-07 23:35:00

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