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PIN stands for Personnal Identification Number

Would anyone document how one can change the PIN using the freerunner ?

Maybe see : "How to change SIM card PIN code, PUK code in a heartbeat" :

as the above mentioned page seriously sucks with greedy plugins, here a (corrected) quote:

Change SIM Card PIN

**04*<old PIN>*<new PIN>*<new PIN># 

Change SIM Card PIN 2 (Write down the new code)

**042*<old PIN2>*<new PIN2>*<new PIN2># 

Change SIM Card PUK (Write down the new code)

**05*<old PUK>*<new PUK>*<new PUK># 

Change SIM Card PUK 2 (Write down the new code)

**052*<old PUK2>*<new PUK2>*<new PUK2># 


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