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For anyone in Bielefeld or the Region (OWL, Lippe...).

Possible Participants

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other Has Device Has Debug Board
Raven Coding, Linux... Finally starting to play with my FreeRunner. Bielefeld Yes No
Killerdackel Coding, Java, Human-Machine-Interaction Waiting desperately for a new toy too Bielefeld Yes No
Seppi Coding, Linux, Human-Machine-Interaction, Robotics Started coding, playing around with the device Lage (near Bielefeld) Yes No
ernstabrams STuding in Bi. Using OM as a User... From beginning a User. Bielefeld Yes No
Rainglasz Computer research; Design (Code & UI), occasional Coding Exploring the device (in search for a open PDA that has a phone too) Paderborn GTA02 No (not yet necessay)
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