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neod is a process in the X session taking care of various device functions which fall outside the scope of gsmd such as the buttons and power management. It is considered a temporary, throw-away solution [1] . As of writing, neod has the features as follows.


Functionality in documentation


  • /dev/input/event%d: Hardware buttons and headphone jack, touchscreen as a button
  • Internal timers for buttons and powersave modes
  • GConf for power management state
  • X window properties to detect the Today window
  • GTK menus


  • /sys/class/backlight/gta01-bl/brightness for screen brightness
  • /sys/power/state for lock suspend
  • 'apm' for powersave suspend (difference to previous?)
  • 'reboot' and 'poweroff'
  • 'amixer' for headphone mixer setting
  • 'xrandr' for screen orientation
  • 'gpe-scap' for screenshots
  • PulseAudio for samples "startup" and "touchscreen"
  • X client messages for desktop management
  • GTK menus

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