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NOTE: Данная страница дает инструкции по вскрытию платформы GTA01Bv3. Будущие выпуски, возможно, будут открываться иначе. Пока предполагается, что продаваемая версия GTA01B4 и будущая массовая GTA02 будут поставляться в том же корпусе.


Задняя панель Neo1973

...изображена на нижеприведенной фотографии. Отчетливо виден логотип и текст Openmoko.

Gta01b v3 case back white.jpg

Снимаем заднюю панель

Для снятия панели аккуратно отожмите ногтем небольшие пластиковые зажимы и снимите крышку.

NOTE: the back is not hinged, as it may appear in this picture; lift both sides away equally to avoid breaking the small tabs.

Gta01b v3 case back open white.jpg

Обратите внимание на пространство размером 27 x 9 x 6 мм над слотами для sim карты и карты памяти, которое остается после установки аккумулятора. Оно может быть использовано для установки дополнительной электроники от стороннего производителя.

Gta01b v4 space next to battery.jpg

NOTE: In order to remove the front cover, you now need to remove the two Torx screws (T6x40)

Carefully remove top cover

Gta01b v3 case side opening white.jpg

To remove the top cover, after removing the two Torx screws, carefully squeeze the end of the supplied guitar pick between the cover and the case at the bottom of the device, and then slide the pick up to the top on one side (do not twist the pick). As you slide the pick along, the case retaining clips should come apart with a snapping sound. Repeat the procedure for the other side of the device. To unclip the last remaining large retaining clip at the top, slide the pick all the way to the top (this can be difficult) and then press it in at the centre. By careful application of force the clip will detach and the cover can then be removed.

Top case lid removed

Gta01b v3 case top open white.jpg

Visible in this image, from the right, going clockwise.

  • The blocky device at the far right is the GPS antenna.
    • To the left of this, there are two gold pads, which are where the earpiece speaker connects.
  • The Debug Board connector.
  • At the left, the black semicircular device is the GSM antenna.
    • Immediately to its right, the small circular black/gold object is the microphone
  • At the top right, the Aux button
  • Right below it seems to be a small battery. It can also be seen on the picture below.

In the middle is the touchscreen LCD, the touchscreen printed wire can be seen beginning at the bottom left of this, through the glass.

Lifting the PCB on the left side

NOTE: You have to bend the plastic case a bit outwards until the headphone jack on the left side of the device becomes loose

Gta01b v3 case top open pcb lift white.jpg Its not shown in this picture, but I've found that it helps to slide the AUX button out of the case before trying to remove the PCB. This allows you to get a firm hold on the PCB while gently bending the case to free the headphone jack and plastic retaining clips.

Removing PCB from case frame

NOTE: Since the PCB now is loose on one side, you can carefully pull the USB socket and GPS antenna connector out of the right side of the case, and then flip the PCB upwards

Gta01b v3 case top open pcb lifted.jpg

This shows:

  • At the top on a green board, the bluetooth module, and the square bluetooth antenna.
  • The headset jack is to the right of this.
  • To the right of the headset jack is the left speaker connector.

On the other side of the PCB, going from bottom-right corner down-left.

  • The small circular connector is the GSM connector to which an external aerial can be connected with the back removed, or with an alternative back.
  • To the left of this is the right speaker connector.
  • One of the button switches.
  • USB port.
  • Micro-SD slot
  • SIM slot - overlaying the Micro-SD slot when present.
  • Gold GPS antenna connector.
    • Immediately above this with the grey wire connection is the connection to the built in GPS antenna.

On the case picture below, you can see the left and right speakers under the translucent plastic, and the vibrator motor in the middle.

Empty case frame

Gta01b v3 case empty white.jpg

You can actually see the two stereo speakers beneath the translucent cover, and next to it the small vibrator motor.

Next to the top of the picture is a hole near the speaker. The external GSM antenna connector is accessed through this hole.

GSM Antenna

Gta01b v3 gsm antenna.jpg

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