Dancing With the Mobile Phone

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Project Title: Dancing With the Mobile Phone

Project team members: 張勝欽, 余兆偉

Contact email: g9703001@stmail.isu.edu.tw

University: Dept. of CSIE, I-Shou University (義守大學資工系)

Short description:

This game uses the FreeRunner's direction sensing feature. We randomly produce arrows pointing in different directions on the phone's screen. When the user sees the arrows, he/she attempts to move the FreeRunner corresponding to the arrow direction shown on the phone's screen. If they are matched within certain period then the user scores. The difficulty of the game is changed by setting the speed that the arrows move and the time window that the correspondence between the Freerunner and the arrows shown on the screen is measured.

The faster the arrows are moving and the smaller the time window, the more difficult the game. The score is measured by counting how many matches the user gets. This game can measure the responsiveness /reflexes of the player, so it can be useful for physical rehabilitation as well as fun.

Links to project resources: Not yet available

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