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ATrack-1.png aTrack

APRS tracker and communicator for mobile devices

Package: atrack
Tested on: SHR

aTrack is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. For a list of all applications, visit Applications


APRS tracker and communicator for mobile devices written in python / elementary. Targeted especially for the Openmoko Freerunner it utilizes FSO freesmartphone middleware framework. Tested and used on SHR, where atrack is in repos.


Front page
Create object/Item/message/Query
Station detail


aTrack is a hobby project started out of need and interest for mobile programming. The code is not perfect but the quality might be evolving. Hopefully :)


Installation on SHR:

opkg install atrack

HAM licensing explanation

Please note that usage within the aprs-is network requires amateur radio license, but for non-commercial usage you can run your own FOSS aprsd server, this is given by the license of the APRS protocol, both aprsd server and atrack are FOSS).

The username/login is a combination of your callsign, the password is generated by aprspass program, which comes from the aprsd package on your Linux desktop.


Atrack can also track on different services, i.e. has support for, but then it acts as a dumb tracker only.

Your server

You can also run a fake small perl script server PrivateAPRS_IS_FakeServer


  • aprs login with a try to autoreconnect on failure
  • aprs filter support
  • receive messages/bulletins
  • create/reply/forward message
  • predefined text strings for quick messaging
  • predefined list of recipients
  • ack autosend
  • tracking + smart tracking - corner pegging (tracking on APRS and also on )
  • packet compression used on all packets
  • pause tracking during phone call
  • send status message
  • send last know location
  • calculate locator grid
  • display nearby stations, objects, items
  • edit/save into conf file
  • portrait/landscape/fullscreen/day/night mode
  • screen dim/suspend blocking
  • APRS Query - replying to aprs query for position and status
  • send any Direct query, predefined Q for P, S, M, O, H, D
  • create, edit Objects and Items with predefined names
  • Mic-E encoded packets initial support (shows some funny failures sometimes)
  • display a map with position if an object/station - based on Openstreetmap or actually on

Known bugs

  • tracking is sometimes reduced to bearing change only. This is probably due to the tracking function calling ecore.timer, exiting with error at some point. Ideas welcomed.




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