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To practice and improve the skills for team work, every software engineer at openmoko Taipei office would attend weekly training / experience sharing events. and be one of the speakers of the regular events by turns.


The orientations and topics are dedicated to the purpose as following:

  1. Openmoko_FOSS_Tools_Introduction
  2. Manufacturing process and Factory testing procedure
  3. Case study for Openmoko software architecture and designs
  4. Phone functionality and inter-connectivity
  5. Recent development progress of OpenLab


Rough schedule for each of the events/programs done and planned by openmoko software team as following:

Topic Speaker Date Summary / Notes Slides / Reference Materials
Regular Training Program
Introduction to Autotools Jim Huang Jul 8, 2007 Brief introduction to GNU Autotools (automake, autoconf, and libtool), which are useful for cross development and diverse environments. moko-autotools.pdf
Text Layout in GTK+ World olv Jul 20, 2007 An introduction to pango and text layout. Text_layout_in_gtk.pdf
Introduction to GSM Multiplexer Sweden Hsu Jul 27, 2007 Overview to GSM Multiplexer (GSM 07.10) and analyze current implementation of Openmoko and Linux kernel support.
Openmoko GSM/GPRS Overview Jim Huang Aug 3, 2007 Overview to Openmoko gsmd/libgsmd/gsmmux for GSM/GPRS functions in the aspect of system-level architecture and designs. openmokogsm.pdf
Factory and Production Test Nod Huang Aug 24, 2007 Experience for GTA01 production in Suzhou. The presentation will cover testing procedure, related software, and possible issues. Also, he will share his thoughts about GTA01/HXD8/GTA02 production considerations. Dash_Production_Flow.pdf
3G Feature Phone Case Study Erin Yuen Sep 7, 2007 Take BenQ 3G Feature Phone design and production as case study.
Three levels of Fun in Graphics olv Sep 14, 2007 There are three things to do in designing a GUI toolkit: graphics, human interaction, and widgets... graphics_fun.pdf
Automatic Approaches for Building, Deployment, and Testing John Lee Sep 21, 2007 A brief introduction to the current automatic build/deploy/test method. auto.pdf
Case Study: Linux-based Skype/GSM dual-mode phone IFan "Tick" Chen Sep 28, 2007 Share the experience of Linux-based Skype/GSM dual-mode phone project inside Compal Communications Inc. as case study. dual.pdf
Graphics and stuff (TBD) Raster Nov 02, 2007 Will talk about Graphics and stuff TBA
EFL introduction Jeremy Chang Nov 16, 2007 Enlightenment Foundation Libraries overview . EFL introduction
Introduction to Boot and Application Launching Time Optimizations for Linux-based products Jim Huang Nov 23, 2007 How fast do we need in product expectations? Analyzing boot time and application launching. Optimizations to boot time. Tweaking in user-space.
Introduction of the PBE Nod Huang Nov 30, 2007 1. PBE file system 2. how to create a new package in PBE 3. PBE file system 4. how to create a new package in PBE PBE.pdf
Power consumption in kernel Willie Chen Dec 7, 2007 1. How to reduce power consumption 2. Utilities 3. GTA01/GTA02 issues Power
ARM Exception System Introduction (HXD8 example) Alec Tsai Jan 11, 2008 1. Exceptions 2. System Memory Map Exception
Object files Introduction Tick Feb, 22 2008 A brief introductions to a.out and ELF ELF
Kboot Werner Feb, 29 2009 An introduction and discussion about Kboot
Small introduction to Qtopia Zecke Mar, 07 2008 A small introduction to Qtopia Qtopia
Some daemons in OM-2007.2 olv Mar, 14 2008 A brief introduction to daemons running behind OM-2007.2 om-daemons.pdf
Introduce to Audio Graeme Mar, 21 2008 An introduction to the Audio system Audio
Assassin Tick April, 11, 2008 An Introduction of Assassin Assassin
Xglamo Graphics olv May, 16, 2008 Introduction to X and Xglamo graphics and accelerations xglamo-graphics.pdf
Close to Hardware –Driver Implementation Matt Hsu May, 23, 2008 Introduction of HDQ implementation Close_to_Hardware_%E2%80%93Driver_Implementation.pdf
Diversity-radar Erin June, 6, 2008 Introduction of Diversity-radar diversity-radar_intro.pdf
Framework Mickey Septemper, 26, 2008 Introduction of framwork Fso-internal-om.pdf
OpenEmbedded Q&A John December, 5, 2008 A Q&A style talk about OE Oe-talk.txt
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