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The Openmoko Wiki is open. YOU can edit its content. People usually start editing a wiki by fixing small things, like obvious grammar and style mistakes. If you spot one, click on the edit tab, register by creating an account on the wiki, and you are set up to share and help others.

Typically, wiki pages start small and grow up organically. Someone fixes a broken reference, another adds a missing item in a list, or updates an outdated paragraph. This is fine, don't worry about being incomplete or about fine-tuning the language. Wiki means "fast" in Hawaïan, so if you have any information to share, go for it !

If you are extra cautious or want to get familiar with the system, go to the Sandbox page to try various editing options.


How can I help ?

Update !

The most important contribution is to report relevant facts, or fix potentially misleading inaccuracies.

Reformat !

Good documentation needs logical outlines and conceptual integrity. But wikis are distributed and dynamic, they put forward speed and ease of change instead. This is why serious cleaning and refactoring is regularly needed. Oftentimes, whole pages and even whole pagesets need reorganization. The Openmoko Wiki Editing Guidelines explain how to write and format text.

Translate !

You can help by this wiki to other languages. See

Coordinate !

There are many tasks awaiting you listed in the Wiki Maintenance Agenda and Wiki Issues.

If you are interested in helping improve our wiki, please join the documentation mailing list to coordinate ideas and work with other wiki editors. Visit Wiki Maintainers to learn about the wiki maintainers, a team of community volunteers who have committed to working with the Openmoko team to improve the wiki in particular and all documentation in general.

Categorize !

If you create a new wiki page, an editor should come have a look and put it on the right category (or categories).

Tag !

Templates provide a powerful way to annotate pages quickly and visibly. Tag obsolete pages with
{{Delete|Reason why|your name}}
for example.

Explore !

The 'toolbox' in the left column allows to browse the wiki faster. For example Special:Specialpages - List and find various content. For the full picture of Openmoko Wiki, please visit the Openmoko Wiki Official Index Page.

Patrol !

Patroling is the way to keep the wiki up to date.

  • The mailing lists patrols follows the discussions and harvests the glimmering pearls of wisdoms and shining tricks to store on the Wiki (oftentimes, finding that someone else has beaten him/her to it).
  • The Special:Recentchanges patrol checks against vandalism, spam, and questions on the Talk pages.
  • The Special:Newpages patrol gets the pleasure to look early at cool fresh content from the community, categorize it and link to it to integrate it in the information structure.

So far the documentation team has not formally organized patrols.

Letter to an interested editor

Hi ***You***,

Welcome to the documentation team.

Want to know what is happening in the Wiki this September ?

Glad you asked. Well, you see, we are storming the place to turn the big disorganized pile of words into a useful (and hopefully someday good looking) reference site. Things have improved a lot already, but the categorization is still being redone (I think a hierarchical approach cannot work well, but that's just me). Meanwhile, we are also learning how to use Wikimedia (what are templates, namespaces, subpages, how to archive properly etc...) and writing our own guidelines. So it's still starting, you are not late to the party.

We have not done much on the social organization side. So the governance model, if you may call it as such, is the default one in Open Source. Just add our name to http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Wiki_Maintainers, share viewpoints on the mailing list and use the 'Discussion' pages of the wiki. To the best of my knowledge, we have not anything formal and none of the community members has elevated priviledges. Sysops (wiki administrators) are Brenda (coolcat) and Michael S. both from Openmoko and a few others , which means only they can lock or delete pages.

Traditionally we have left it to Brenda to update the navigation bar templates, after discussing modifications here. So how precisely do you suggest to make it better ?

As for the big level structure, so far we have been thinking about how to clearly separate user and developper oriented pages, with a half conclusion that we should categorize better (I am not sure how, though. Must check the guidelines. Or convince the others to write them the right way.). I think that the "Key pages" navigation box can potentially give a multi-page narrative story, structure chapters if you prefer.


I agree that we have too many navigation boxes. IMHO the three on the left column should be revised to two, but see above about the left navigation. I also think that having "Table of content" + "Key pages" + "Language chooser" + the usual wiki header stuff is hard on the eyes of the persons of good typographical taste, but I don't have time to propose and implement a better page layout. If you want ideas on what to do, I would say that giving a more uniform look to all the "Key pages on Om 2008.8" would be an easy, significant and visible contribution.

As for translation, we have been too busy with content to think about it. I guess we are waiting for the translators to team up themselves and take charge. Here is another exciting task for You !

Replacing "Main page" with something else is technically beyond the power of wiki editors.

Yours, MinhHaDuong 19:16, 2 September 2008 (UTC)

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