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If you think something is wrong with a Wiki page or with this Wiki in general, please add your thoughts to this list. You may just want to read existing proposals and put your vote on them, Wiki Maintainers will appreciate.

When adding an issue please

  • Provide a reason
  • Provide your name as vote for the action to be taken (you can automatically enter your username by typing "~~~")

Accepted and implemented requests should be deleted. Rejected requests should be moved to the bottom of the page to avoid requesting them again.

Wiki Pages

Pages capable of development

Redundant Pages

Tidy up


These Pages are now implemented as categories, thus the unmaintaned pages could be removed. - Kempelen

Category rename

Rename category Reasoning Yes votes No votes
Category:GTA02_Hardware to Neo FreeRuner Hardware mail Kempelen, Marko Knöbl

Too general category names

These end up in mixed content. They could be removed and content migrated to more specific category names.

Category to delete Yes votes No votes
Category:Documentation Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Category:Information Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Category:Openmoko(1) Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Category:Technical Kempelen, Marko Knöbl

(1) We've moved Openmoko Inc related info from Openmoko to a new Openmoko Inc category. This was the original aim of the Openmoko category when it was created.

Pages proposed for deletion

Page Reason Yes votes No votes
ChangeLog Outdated Kempelen, Marko Knöbl User:Dolfje: I've changed it
Neo1973_AUX_Button Getting started includes this info for GTA02 Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Neo_1973_Power_Button Getting started includes this info for GTA02 Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
MFAQ, MFAQEmail, MFAQCorrection Overcomplicating Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Buying Interest List Page was originally for Neo 1973 - Too many interested people for Neo FreeRunner Marko Knöbl, Kempelen
Roadmap Emtpy bascially Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
GUI Frameworks Empty Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Group_Order Outdated Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
P1 Buying Interest List Outdated Kempelen, Marko Knöbl
Om 2007.2/de was copied from the english page on 2008-08-05, not translated Marko Knöbl
Automatic emulation in windows xp redirect to page that doesn't exist anymore Marko Knöbl
Style Sheet and Talk:Style Sheet not used anymore Marko Knöbl
Supported Hardware/es no content Marko Knöbl
Tempmain/es is now at Main Page/es Marko Knöbl
Trash Marko Knöbl
外观 Marko Knöbl
Finger Funny, but not relevant Marko Knöbl
GSM Communication Infrastructure not much information Marko Knöbl
Shipping Notes:phase1 Poland outdated Marko Knöbl

Wiki engine issues

Can we please install/fix the following features for this wiki:

  • Math - the Tex math markup does not work currently. Test:
    • <math> z =\left (1-\left(\frac{P_{ind}}{101.325}\right)^{0.190263} \right ) \times \frac{87.828}{0.00198122} </math>
    • <math> P_{ind} </math>
  • Syntax Highlighting - makes code much more readable
  • GraphViz works with the commonly known dot language - it allows us to draw graphs using easy markup.
  • AnyWikiDraw allows us to draw svg diagrams directly on the wiki page.
  • Make visited links a different color.

Wiki languages

Translating this wiki into other languages does not make much sense:

  • All translated pages need to be kept up-to-date. The people translating will not see every change made.
  • A partly (and often quite badly) done translation is no good.
  • People who use this wiki are sophisticated users, they are very likely to know English. They will not use localised pages as they do not trust them in matters of being up-to-date.
  • Rather create another wiki/information page with more static information for regular mass-market purchaser that do not care about 20 ways to connect their OpenMoko device with their PC but just about one easy one.

--Minime 13:43, 3 August 2007 (CEST)

I agree that technical pages don't need translating. However, I think that there are some pages for regular users which should be translated. Probably we could create a short list of pages which should be translated into other languages and prevent editors from translating other pages. --Marko Knöbl 16:15, 6 August 2008 (UTC)

Change Sitename

The name of this wiki is currently "Openmoko". I think it should be "Openmoko Wiki" for the following reasons:

Yes votes: Marko Knöbl

No votes:

Rejected requests

When a requested Wiki Issue is voted for not to be done, it must be moved here, to make sure it won't get continously requested again.