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Vote for wish list items on the OpenMoko suggestion board

I took the liberty to create a suggestion board for OpenMoko on FeVote (my startup).

The suggestion board lets people submit and vote on suggestions, feature requests, etc. Ultimately, it's a great utility for determining what's in demand.

OpenMoko administrators, if you'd like to officially respond to suggestions, get in touch so I can give you admin status.

If you think of any other way that FeVote can help the OpenMoko platform, don't hesitate to contact us.

Micropat 08:42, 15 September 2007 (CEST)

Use Category:Ideas category?

I think we should use the Category:Ideas category since all the other wishlist items are in that category. If we decide to switch we need to update all the pages in Ideas. --Ericthefish 15:54, 19 February 2007 (CET)

Market planning?

I would be very careful about the load of feature wish list here. It is good serving as a brainstorming process. However without a clear understanding of the target market demographics, this wish list can easily turn the phone into a piece of unusable hacker's wonderland instead of something that can really be used by millions and change human history. --JohnWang 16:46, 2 September 2007 (CEST)


i think there's a need to sort this list e.g. like we had in the wiki before - ideas with bluetooth, etc.--Minime 23:29, 27 March 2007 (CEST)

I've beaten the hardware:wishlist into some sort of order. I was planning to do a similar job on this in the next couple of days. Same sort of ideas - delete explanatory text - we all know what a scrollbar is, for example, and add links to wikipedia for the unsure, sort out links into some sort of order, ...

places to look

There's a Lifehacker Article that might have some more good location-based ideas.

The music player

I have some neat ideas that i would like to implement for the Neo, eg: music library management (hook up to external HDD). Easy finger drag navigation type user interface. but first i have to get the emulator / vmware installed on my machine :P. I would imagine that this would require 2d accelleration though :(

Integrated Help System

I couldn't find anything about it while looking around the wiki, so I added a section under Software for an integrated help system. If I have missed it, my apologies, and please direct me to where it is described. Tingo 03:01, 31 July 2007 (CEST)

Sound Customization and others

I am a consumer, right?

I want to set custom tones(Alarm, Ringtone, Startup/shutdown tone, Etc.)

Furthermore, I want to set specific ringtones for specific contacts and I wanted to use tones from My Computer(As an Ogg or Mp3) and use them as ringtones.

Would that be possible?

Transparent fullscreen keyboard

In which category can I put the idea of a transparent fullscreen keyboard? kelvan 13:0, 20 Feb. 2008

Address book: Support for family relations

KlaymenDK: This is a set of features that (to me) seem obvious, yet I have not seen any address book that supports it. Basically, the intention is to link certain fields of an address book entry with certain other address book entries.

The idea is that if John and Jane are married, the software should understand that they share some data: the date field for "Anniversary" should be shared between them, and if they move it should be sufficient to change address info in one of the entries (and the rest should follow along).

Here are the proposed components and their functions:

  • "Link this field" check marks next to various entry fields (address, home phone, anniversary, etc.) -- Only checked fields should be linked with the other entries.
  • "Configure family" button -- Opens a small selection list, where the user can select (multiple) other address book entries. These will be the other entries that this entry linked with.
  • Whenever a linked field in an address book entry is changed, the corresponding field in the other linked entries are changed as well.

This linking should be symmetrical; that is, if you edit an entry and set some check marks and select some other address book entries, the other entries will have the same check marks set and be linked with each other and this entry.

Child support

totierne I want to be able to give my phone to my child and it will not cost me money - i.e. no wap/phone call/sms but all other features so he can do anything else (WIFI/surf etc) (bar bricking my phone :) ). This is quite important to older buyers with 2-5 year old children (at 5(?) they can have their own 'pay as you go' phone/neo runner).

Should many wishlist items be applications rather than features?

Just wondering if many of the wishlist items should be stand-alone applications rather than built in features.

With scripting support, it seems that we can avoid becoming bloatware and allow users to pick what features and applications they want rather than getting loaded down with everything.

There are a lot of good ideas, but maybe some of the less vital ones should be considered separate of "core features"?

Just my two cents. --King 05:14, 2 October 2008 (UTC)

Cleaning up already-implemented wishes

Since it's clear that this page is very untidy, should we delete, or move to another page, wishes that seem to already be dealt with? For example, there's alot of requests for a calculator, but by now there ARE alot of calculators for Openmoko. Sm 14:28, 7 February 2009 (UTC)

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