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Gentoo on Openmoko phones

Gentoo project on Openmoko phones has its own homepage:

We have a portage overlay and some Openmoko packages like Xglamo, Illume or Zhone already have their ebuilds and many more will follow !

Ways to work with Gentoo

Currently, there are 3 ways to install Gentoo, each having their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Cross compile approach, where you use another machine to compile your whole phone system. (Requires a Gentoo machine)
  • Native compilation approach, where you work with Gentoo on phone as with a normal system fully capable of installing its own packages.
  • qemu-user emulated native compilation, where you use another machine 'chroot' into a gentoo filesystem (created by either of the methods above) and execute ARM binaries as if they were native executables.

Many thanks go to 'torindel' who apparently started the effort and made a stage tarball we are using even today for the native approach and to Tuxxx who contributed strongly to the cross compilation efforts on gentoo for openmoko phones.

Getting Started

Community Support

If you wish to get (or provide) volunteer support for Gentoo on openmoko phones, please try one of the following.


#gentoo-openmoko on Freenode

Mailing List

Send an e-mail with the subject 'Subscribe' to

Bug Reports

You can submit bug reports on the project Trac page.

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