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This article can support you in using the guide Android usage.

If you see a command prompt like this (#) on your PC/Laptop, you must run a command as user root on the connected system. (On linux you can do this by sudo command or su root).


If you see a command prompt like this ($), you can run the command as a regular user

  • 2 When you see the command you start the Android Debugging Bridge adb:

It is assumed that you have 'adb' installed on your pc and it is in your search path, like in /usr/bin or ~/bin. If not so, you need to change to the directory you downloaded the binary to. Issue the same commands but when ever adb appears replace it with


adb connects your system to Android but you need to make sure you have set it up correctly first. Make sure your FreeRunner was booted while being plugged in to a USB port.

Then run the following commands:

# ifconfig usb0 netmask (or see below for USB network setup)
# adb kill-server
# ADBHOST= adb devices

adb help gives extensive info

One should now have no trouble using adb.

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