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Currently reordering the wiki into something that makes a little more sense. Initial thoughs was as below: However. I have now realised that having an OpenMoko first-level category that most pages will end up in is insane. So, the OpenMoko category is now assumed unless one of the other first-level elements is present. The motivation was to cope trivially with, for example Software:rsync and OpenMoko:Software:rsync - where there are different client and server pages, some of which are not on openmoko.

I will fix the pages already altered, then go onto all the rest, then edit linking pages to point to the new page rather than relying on the redirect.

OpenMoko:       openmoko general documentation (example OpenMoko:Main Menu)
Hardware:       hardware general documents (example Hardware:Documentation:I2C)
Software:       software, that may not run on OM  (example Software:MacSync)
Server:         Servers that may be of use  (ex Server:AGPS)
Technical:      information on general standards
Wishlist: (default OpenMoko Software)

        :Documentation  ex: Hardware:Documentation:I2C
        :Wishlist       ex: Openmoko:Wishlist
        :Neo1973        ex: Hardware:Neo1973:GTA01:Power Managment
        :Phone  General OM phone wishes
        :Camera What might be wanted on OM devices with a camera


Check out idea

I'm not sure this is the right way to ask for it.

I'd like to ask user Speedevil to check my idea out. It's a modification to the page Wishlist:Determine Position.

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