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Hi, I change your templates and rewrite on all back-links.

I make some new templates for this page: In the future if some distribution start work on new hardware, it will be easy change in template for this distribution and it will change on all places in wiki. :)

And I thing in the future distributions will work on more hardware and it will be helpful split information about "other" device. This is a possible on this page:

I hope it will be useful.


PS: Is possible translate templates?

I have to refine myself: According to what I see currently on CU pages, your change is not logical. What does it mean: Works={{Works on QtMoko}}? The idea of "Works" box is to show: on what hardware this distribution works. Thus saying that QtMoko works on QtMoko is NOT logical. Please explain what did you wanted to achieve and next time make such a changes on a test template and consult changes with a community. Especially if this template is in production use.
I also wanted to make calendar templates for "Events" and so on, but it appear that such templates are possible with wikimedia software greater or equal to 1.15. I have filled a request but seems than nothing is happening in that direction. If your skills let you do this, maybe we can start a new template for "Events" as a start? --LeadMan 06:54, 22 October 2009 (UTC)

I try to explain. Now I have Neo FreeRunner and G1. And I want to know which distribution work on this hardware. And I found in Community Updates DistributionBox. But not all distributions have this information. And I think OK I will copy and put on Distributions page for each distribution. But problem was how in the future change information on all places in wiki. Before in your DistributionBox you must put information for each Hardware every time when you use template DistributionBox. And if in the future will this information change, you must re-edit on all places in wiki.
Now you edit only one template and it will change on all places in wiki. And if you want somewhere on wiki put information which distributins works with hartware you put perhabs for QtMoko this: Works={{Works on QtMoko}}
Maybe the name for templates is not so good. I will correct it if you say how it rename.
How will calendar work and look?
--Kukide 20:02:38, 24. October 2009 UTC+1
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