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Heh... it's me. Felix Meulenkamp

I'm student of computer science at University of Düsseldorf and former at Dortmund. Since 2000 I'm working part time beside my studies for an ISP and later a Telco company. My work fields have been testing, system- and network administration, accomplished by some data migration tasks.

During my free time I'm working for a few registered societies and charities.

My main interests in OM on Neo1973 is building a helpful tool for my job, like a good task planer for sysadmins and a Fluke(r) LinkRunner(r) fake. I just want to put my phone into the switch and it tells me with VLAN I'm on or do a quit telnet or ssh session, maybe a serial terminal session too.

I've started a local group for Düsseldorf in Germany, join if you like.

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