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I'm an Austrian student interested in opensource software. As I'm not a developer I will mainly contribute by editing this wiki. Formerly I had the Username galadh. I changed this to my real name for consistency with my name on the mailing lists.


deletion ploicy

I'm working on a proposal for a new deletion policy for the Openmoko Wiki Editing Guidelines. If you would like to comment on the proposal please do so either on the documentation mailing list or on my talk page.

Pages in this wiki can only be deleted by the wiki administrators. There are two ways for requesting the deletion of a page:

Speedy deletion

Speedy deletion can be requested if the deletion of a page is uncontroversial - for example if a page contains information that is not related to Openmoko. This process is similar to Wikipedia's speedy deletion. In order to request a speedy deletion of a page, place the template {{delete-sp}} somewhere on the page. This will categorize the page in Category:candidates for speedy deletion.

Deletion discussion

If the reason for deletion of a page is not obvious you can initiate a deletion discussion. This process is similar to Wikipedia's Articles for deletion. It requires two steps:

The discussion must be open for at least two weeks. If there is a consensus on deleting the page it will be deleted by an administrator. Otherwise the page will be kept. In both cases the discussion will be moved to the page Wiki Issues/archive.


I suggest using these templates:

speedy deletion

Proposed for speedy deletion: This page is proposed for speedy deletion.

deletion with discussion

Proposed for deletion: This page is proposed for deletion. Please see Wiki Issues#Pages proposed for deletion to discuss this proposal.

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