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Hi all.


Why am I interested?

I'm a happy Palm T3 user. I bought two of these after I knew they were obsolete -- they simply fulfil my present needs, adequately and much better than any available smartphone.

I'm also quite happy with my Nokia 6310. Also this I bought after Nokia stopped making them, I got a (semi-fake?) one on eBay. It's got more than a week's worth of battery life, and the menu system seems to just know what I want (the exact opposite of my hopeless Samsung phone).

However ... hanging on to both of these, I am aware that I'm being a bit nostalgic and backward. And since I really depend on my "Plastic Brain" (the pda), that's perhaps not the best strategy. What I'm looking for is a good, modern pda that does what I need how I want. If it's free-as-in-freedom, that's even better!

What can I do, what do I want to help with?

I am a programmer by trade; by day I develop and maintain Lotus Notes 'applications' (databases, rather); by night (well, some) I am hacking away at a GTD-centric task management/project outliner application for PalmOS.

Handwriting recognition

(See also: Input Method:Handwriting)

Due to my background in Palm-land, I am very interested in helping to implement realtime fullscreen handwriting recognition not entirely unlike offered by Palm Graffiti and TealScript. I believe that handwriting is worthy of consideration because:

  • IMVHO, it is the most efficient method for fast input on small devices.
  • It is agnostic of keyboard layouts and special language variants (I use Norwegian Dvorak).
  • It consumes no screen real estate at all!
  • It does not preclude the use of an ad-hoc on-screen keyboard.

Note that handwriting can be performed without a stylus, simply by using a fingernail instead.

Dvorak keyboard layout

When I'm typing at a desktop, I use a norwegian Dvorak keyboard layout. Hence, I'm really not interested in a virtual qwerty keyboard -- but if the virtual keyboard can be "skinned", I would be interested in contributing a Dvorak variant.

Display size comparisons

I know I'm spoiled by the size of my T3 display; it will be interesting to see if the much higher resolution of the Freerunner can compensate for its physical smallness. T3-iPhone-Freerunner overlay


Hey User:KlaymenDK, any progress with this? I'd love to see something almost Graffiti-like appear! --RussH 21:09, 12 May 2009 (UTC)

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