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These all come from things heard on IRC or on this wiki.


Be careful when upgrading your u-boot partition

If the flashing your u-boot partition is interrupted, you can end up with an unbootable device, which can only be recovered with a debug board. If possible, don't do it unless you either have a debug board or live near someone who has one. Always do it with a battery-backed computer (either a notebook or a computer on a UPS), in case the power goes out. And, if you don't have a debug board or live near someone who has one, always flash a well-tested u-boot (don't use daily builds, for instance, unless you know of other people who had success with that particular build), and don't flash a self-compiled u-boot.

Be careful when playing with your u-boot environment

Wrong commands on the u-boot environment can make u-boot malfunction, with the same consequences as above. If you are lucky, you can still boot and overwrite it with a sane copy from within linux; if you are unlucky, you need a debug board. Always double-check (with printenv) what you have done before doing a saveenv. In particular, always double-check if you didn't mistype a number; see Bricked for an example.

Never use "nand erase" unless you really mean it

The correct command is "nand erase rootfs" (or whatever the partition you want to erase is).

Never plug the USB cable without a battery

Unless you want very scary noises and strange smells coming from your phone.

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