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NeoPlay is a homemade USB gamepad for Openmoko smartphones. It is tiny and thin. The electronical part is based on Raphaël Assénat's "USB game controller with 12 inputs" and uses the same firmware. The frame of the construction was made from several pieces of plastic and covered by a cloth. Now Neo should beat Gizmondo and Tapwave Zodiac :D



NeoPlay 1.jpg NeoPlay 2.jpg NeoPlay 3.jpg NeoPlay 4.jpg NeoPlay 5.jpg NeoPlay 6.jpg NeoPlay 7.jpg NeoPlay 8.jpg NeoPlay 9.jpg NeoPlay 10.jpg NeoPlay 12.jpg NeoPlay 13.jpg NeoPlay 14.jpg NeoPlay 15.jpg NeoPlay 16.jpg NeoPlay 17.jpg NeoPlay 18.jpg NeoPlay 19.jpg NeoPlay 20.jpg NeoPlay 21.jpg NeoPlay 22.jpg NeoPlay 23.jpg NeoPlay 24.jpg NeoPlay 25.jpg NeoPlay 26.jpg NeoPlay 27.jpg




Anton Olkhovik (ANT)

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