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Branches / Tags in Openmoko ??

I have a naive question about the way the OpenMoko developers are using Subversion. They do not seem to be using branches or merging their work in a way that takes full advantage of the subversion system.

Currently the structure of the tree is like so:


And the previous OpenMoko revision was:


This gives me the impression that when a new revision / state is achieved a new copy is created and work resumes. Am I right? They don't even seem to be using tags, which is shocking!

You can work this way but the trunk will never be stable in the long run. Why are the developers just not creating branches from the trunk, working on the features etc and once done merge back to the trunk. Yes its a pain at first but you get more robust code and you don't need to rename the folders all the time.

Once you want to release a revision ex: OM-2007.3, create a tag or a maintenance branch.

Ok you probably know all this but I though it would be worth while to question the work methods used to either learn something new for myself or challenge you guys and help make this product better!

Keep up the good work!


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