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TRAC ticket 666 applies to GTA01 (Neo 1973) and to GTA02 (Neo Freerunner). I've got a message from Joachim Steiger (roh) who is currently researching this bug and he said he will post everthing new to the ticket in TRAC, the problem concerns also the Freerunner. He does still not know what the reason for the problem is, but its definitly not a 3G simcard problem, it's a problem with a few simcard models of (some/the same) manufacturer. Kevin


This seems to be a duplicate article of GSM network registration. I suggest a merge with that article. Since it's neither a freerunner or 3G SIM card issue, i'd suggest using the other articles name.

Try flashing GSM firmware

[2008-11-21] I flashed 6 out of our 8 Freerunner V.6 according to the GSM/Flashing- guide using the GSM firmware moko10-beta2. I had no problems and the previously useless 3G- SIMs are working fine now. By the way, i have new 3G- SIM cards of the following german providers running without problems (O2, T- Mobile, E-Plus, Vodafone). Before the flashing procedure the Vodafone cards were not detected. Reiner

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