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Many people are more interested in getting a completely (and openly) documented hardware platform than in getting one with "just" all drivers under GPL. Why is this so? Just imagine an open source kernel which is released under a copyleft license which is incompatible to the GPL (like the OpenSolaris kernel). These poor developers would have to reverse engineer a so called "open platform" as they cannot use the available drivers and header files. If you are a GPL-is-the-only-true-license guy/girl: Don't be offended by this, it's simply about choice. :)

This page tries to give you an overview how open the GTA02 hardware is documented and where to get the documentation. Your help is needed! If you know anything which is missing just add it, if possible with a reference where the info is coming from.

Some datasheets have been found here.

Component Name Openness
CPU Samsung S3C2442 Docs available from Samsung, but not easily. Only after registering and qualifying. here is a copy. um_s3c2442b_rev12.pdf]
NAND flash Samsung? Standard NAND command-set.
GSM modem TI Calypso? Speaks standard protocols with proprietary extensions. Most of the proprietary extensions are present also in some BenQ and/or Enfora Enabler modems which have open documentation available on internet. See also GTA01 gsm modem. The NDAd documentation for the calypso, register definition and hardware definition was leaked onto a public forum on the 4th of March by persons or persons unknown.

The legality of reading these files may vary according to your local laws, as may generating code from them.

Transceiver TRF6151? No interaction with software.
Analog baseband TWL3014? No interaction with software.
WiFi Atheros AR6K No documentation available! GPL'ed driver only.
Bluetooth Delta DFBM-CS320 Class2 Module using CSR BlueCore4? Documented here
GPS u-blox ANTARIS 4 ATR0635 Serial protocol documentation is freely available from the manufacturer.
Graphic Accelerator SMedia 3362 Documentation is only available under NDA. Unlike previously announced,

there are no current plans to get this information out of NDA due to funding and time constraints.

MicroSDHC ? Connected to the SMedia 3362
LCD TD028TTEC1 module using a Toshiba JBT6K74 TFT LCD Driver Chipset? No open documentation available! GPL'ed driver only.
Touch Screen ? Connected to the s3c2442 similar to GTA01
Vibrator Simple motor attached to the PWM output of the s3c2442
Sound Codec Wolfson Codec Full data sheet
Sound Amplifier National Semiconductor LM4857 Full data sheet
Power management Philips PCF50606 Documented here
Battery Proprietary Schematic here
JTAG ? Standardized, BSDL file for the CPU will hopefully become available
Case Proprietary Openmoko has released the CAD files for the case schematics. See the CAD directory


How anybody managed to sniff what BenQ and/or Enfora Enabler send to the Calypso chip? Do they know about AT%SLEEP=4? If not, do they periodically unregister from GSM network (as per bug 1024).

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