Neo1973 as radio replacement

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To make your car neo-ready you need need

* phone holder (see Car_phone_holder_for_neo1973)
* gps antenna (see GPS_antennas_for_neo1973)
* car hifi amplifier
* power supply


Comming soon: power supply and a blind to cover the cables, stay tuned :)

Neo golf2 1.jpg AGPS test gui: All fixes are good, although the gps antenna is just taped on top in the radio shaft (see picture below)
Neo golf2 5.jpg The white box on the right is the car hifi amplifier, i used a very cheap 30W amplifier [1]. It is sufficient for my standard golf2 speakers, it is small and it does not emit much heat. So it is perfect to be put it in the radio shaft. The taped black thing in the middle of the picture (on top in the radio shaft) is the gps antenna. It is an Navilock NL-65AT MMCX (see GPS_antennas_for_neo1973 for more information), it works astonishing good there.

Neo golf2 2.jpg Neo golf2 3.jpg Neo golf2 4.jpg

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