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The pinout of some Headsets delivered by Sony Ericsson are known to use a different pin layout. The layout of the HPB-20 is as following (unconfirmed, measuring the pins shows some strange interconections):

  • 1/Tip: Mic
  • 2: right speaker
  • 3: left speaker
  • 4/Base: ground

This pinout is not compatible to Neo. To use this headsets you have to rewire them which requires soldering or usage of a simple adater doing the transformation (however, i currently do not know of any existing).


Sony Ericsson headset delivered with P910i, closed.jpg Sony Ericsson headset delivered with P910i, soldered to neo layout.jpg

The following sections describe the modifications made to a headset originally delivered with a P910i (HPB-20).

The modification can be made with the following steps (take care to have a quick but steady hand, the soldering on the image is quite dirty because i had to solder several times):

  • unsolder the white cable from the M+ solder contact
  • unsolder the two combined green cables from the LS solder contact
  • untwist the two green cables so they get separated
  • twist the white cable together with the green one from the small grey cable (coming from left speaker)
  • solder the white/green cable pair to the LS solder contact
  • solder the green cable from the big grey cable to the solder contact M+
  • test if everything works now, close the casing if and enjoy stereo sound :)

The mic should work, but this was not tested so far.

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