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Collection of free music/ringtones/sounds we'd like to listen in the next Neo release.


Where to find free music and sounds

Licensed in a way that allows free redistribution, such as creative commons by, by-nd, by-sa, gpl, public domain, etc. Note that by-nd is not DFSG free and can not be packaged to debian.



i'd think it would be covered under creative commons? a lot of startrek soundFX are used in bzflag

possible resume snd

my fav sms notifier Uhura "msg from starfleet capt"
festival text to speech CID (caller id)?

Retro 1973

This theme is about old sounds.

freesound user: hlaghl password: dongs (thank you, bugmenot.com)

Ringtone: "Old phone bell"

Startup: "Woslo"

Notify: "Ping1"

Notify Error: "nma02"

SMS: "Old telegraph"

  • Description: Old telegraph with some noise saying "SMS" in morse code
  • Artist: you?
  • Sound URL: echo sms | cw
  • Sound info URL:
  • There is a opensource Java morse-code Translator jtranslator

maybe someone can translate it to C99.

  • Pitch 500 Hz sounds good

Alarm: "Old alarm clock"

Alarm: "Old alarm clock" (other option)

Shutting down: "themfish power down"

Musical Moko

A musical theme for the Neo1973. All songs are in Ogg and Mp3 format, hope you dig 'em. -Glen

List of Sounds

  • 01 - Phone On / Moko Theme: A semi-ethereal piano part.
  • 02 - Sent SMS: A three note chime sequence.
  • 03 - Sent SMS (Version A): A single ping with a little sustain.
  • 04 - Notify Beeps: A double beep notification.
  • 05 - "Freedomoko" Ringtone: An adventurous organ ringtone.
  • 06 - Error 0: A cheeky error sound.
  • 07 - Error A: A tri-note error sequence.
  • 08 - Received SMS: A catchy piano part.
  • 09 - Received SMS (Version A): A fuzzy/soft piano line.
  • 10 - Relaxed Alarm: Three soft rings on a bell. Could also be used for 'Notify'.
  • 11 - Phone Off: Four quick Music-Box notes.
  • 12 - Phone Off (Version A): A softer and slower off sound.

Contact: gr@daysofsaturn.com


A collection of Futuristic and Fun sounds.

Ringtones and sounds without theme


Ringtone: Spong

Ringtone: My Key Dub

Ringtone: Clasic Ring

Startup sounds

Notify sounds

  • (nothing yet)

Notify Error sounds

  • (nothing yet)

New message sounds

STAB 016 mastered 16 bit

Alarm sounds

  • (nothing yet)

Shutting down sounds

I don't know if this is where to say something, but there should be no shut down sound: if you are shutting off your device, you do not want it making more noise. Papna 20:33, 30 October 2007 (CET)


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